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First look: Beyoncé takes us to her private world

6 Apr 2016


I’m just coming to the end of a bout of severe sinusitis, beautifully timed to coincide with a couple of scheduled days off with the family. (I know, poor me!) That’s my excuse for not doing any exercise at the moment, but seeing Beyoncé’s hot-of-the-press promo for her new fitness range has me feeling a bit twitchy and almost motivated enough to scramble out of bed for that 9am Saturday Parkrun. Almost!



Wanna see the vid? Beyoncé’s new range is called Ivy Park, inspired by the local park she exercises/thinks/finds solace in, and is available from from 14 April. If most of the parks you find solace in have cars parked in rows, and happen to be front of your favourite destination pubs – yeah come on, let’s feel the collective shame people – here’s your chance to ponder a different type of space while watching Bey fox it up for the cameras. Let’s work it!


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The Urban Guide to the Countryside -
Surrey Edition