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What girls really really want

12 Jul 2016


I’m a bit slow off the mark with this – hats off to Lou, editor of Muddy Cornwall who spotted it waaaaay before me – but if you haven’t already seen it, it’s definitely worth a gander.

It’s a vid featuring global female artists (none of whom I recognise but there you go,  that’s middle age for you) taking The Spice Girls’ Wannabe and grabbing the hashtag #WhatIReallyReallyWant by the scruff of its neck and flinging into the future.

The ad, directed by MJ Delaney @ Moxie Pictures by being hailed as world changing, game changing girl power. And its gone viral with everyone from Save the Children to Jamie Oliver tweeting their global goals.

Share a photo of yourself holding up what you want for your daughters, sisters, mother, aunts, friends (no jokes about lottery wins, footballer’s yachts or Italian counts sweeping you off your feet, tempting though it is!), share it on social media, and The Global Goals movement promises to get your message to world leaders at the UN in September.



Global goals –

In the meantime, just to whet your appetite on the eve of a new British female Prime Minister, a possible new female leader of the opposition, and a oh-please-god-let-it-be female President of the United States (the alternative being just too goddam scary for the planet), check out the vid and as ever, let me know what you think about 21st century girl power.

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