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Did you win the Thornbury Castle comp?

19 Oct 2016

Off with her head! Sorry, just channelling a bit of Henry VIII there. He honeymooned with Anne Boleyn at Thornbury Castle, just described in The Sunday Times on the weekend as one of the Top 100 hotels in the UK, and the latest competition on Muddy, harbinger of quality, style and, er, a certain drunken je ne sais quoi.

Anyway, we have a winner. Alas there can only be one lucky gal or gent, and this time round it goes to Claire Williams. Congrats lady! Get in touch to claim your prize and start digging in your closet for your gable hood and kirtle, you’re gonna need it, though, you know, you can leave the chastity belt at home.

To those of you who didn’t win, I’m super sorry, but this is Muddy Stilettos and we don’t like to be morose for too long, so I have another fabidoodle prize for your delectation coming soon.

Amber xx

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The Urban Guide to the Countryside -
Surrey Edition