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19 Dec 2016


Remember the recycled fire hose bags I flagged up the other week? We’ll this is another top urban recycling brand and it’s just landed its first permanent shop in Brighton. You don’t have to live in the city though, all the stock is available online.


Gym duffel bag, £65

These cool, durable bags are made from truck tarpaulins – the type from curtain-sided lorries and the straps are old seatbelts! The name M-24 comes not from a motorway however but from founder Mat’s initial and the age he was when he founded his innovative company.



They come in a variety of colours and designs, all pretty much one offs. Of course given their origins you know they are going to be super tough, and weatherproof. In fact it was a frustration with breaking bags that prompted mat to start researching alternative.

I think the messenger bags are great for students or for work gear for creative types. In fact, with those wipe clean surfaces they’d also make great non-mumsy baby change bags!


Messenger, £50



The duffels and the roll top backpacks are perfect for the gym or swimming pool or cycling.


Backpacks, £75

There are laptop and iPad covers and smaller items too…


ticket wallets, £7


Wash bag £20



This guy is not included…

M-24, 15 Gardner St, Brighton BN1 1UP,

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