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Prints that pack a (Cuddle) Punch

9 Nov 2016

Lou, down in Muddy Cornwall, is all over these gorgeous comic-book inspired prints — that you can personalise.  Now, is there something coming up, quite soon, where you might be on the lookout for neat gifts to give…?

This is so scorchingly superhero hot, it’s like Inferno Man on honeymoon, somewhere hot. Meet Cuddle Punch – a brand spanking new online illustration team providing personalised superhero prints.

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Help Haiti – buy Haitian art

26 Oct 2016

Some countries seem to suffer more than their fair share of problems and Haiti is one of them. Six years on from its earthquake it was recently hit by Hurricane Matthew which damaged infrastructure and left hundreds dead and hundreds of thousands homeless.

The images on the news have extra resonance for Debbie Ward, our Muddy Sussex editor, who visited Haiti two years ago…

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Vivien Lee: Public Faces, private lives

30 Aug 2016

It’s not amid a beautiful National Trust garden that you would expect to find a V&A Museum exhibition about a Hollywood film star but it turns out Nymans, near Haywards Heath in West Sussex, has a connection to silver screen darling Vivien Leigh. It was once the home of Oliver Messel – friend and favoured costume and set designer to the actress and it’s now hosting Vivien Leigh: Public Faces, Private Lives until 4 Sept.

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Muddy Must-see – Lee Miller: A Woman’s War

15 Apr 2016

When I first started in journalism, I worked for a small regional newspaper in country Australia. There I learned, not just the art of stringing a sentence together, but also how to take photographs … the old-fashioned way.

I find it amusing and a bit sad that my old Canon SLR – my pride and joy, that I saved for and so loved and treasured back then – is now such a relic. 

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New gallery showcases Surrey artists

4 Apr 2016

I’m a bit fanciful when it comes to art. I have these whimsical ideas about filling the walls in my home with eye-catching original artwork – the sort that friends will gush over and talk about after they leave. I know, it’s a tad pretentious. But having recently renovated and redecorated parts of my house, there are some gaping holes on my walls that really are crying out for a bit of coverage.

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Architecture: Watt’s Chapel

8 Mar 2016

I fancied writing a post on Surrey’s hidden churches. There are a couple of cute little chapels I vaguely know about, hiding down local country lanes.

But then, I thought, no, not hidden churches, but hidden “treasures”. Because Watts Chapel, in the small village of Compton, near Guildford, is quite the hidden treasure, not known to as many as it should be.

The tiny chapel has been hailed an Arts & Crafts masterpiece of national significance.

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9 Feb 2016

It’s true I’m not much of a connoisseur of art. I barely know my Rubens from my Rembrandts, my Van Dycks from my Van Goghs.

I do own some lovely original paintings, although I have no idea if they’re any good. One was given to me and Mr Muds by a close friend after she heard we’d eloped. (That’s a whole other story…) She was volunteering in Africa at the time, and it’s by a local artist.

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