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Muddy Reviews: Romeo and Juliet, by the Northern Ballet

5 Oct 2016

First up, let me just say that I’m not expert when it comes to ballet. But I do enjoy watching the experts leap around on stage. Last night I cosied up with my nine-year-old mudlet, a tub of Loseley’s best and an a large glass of Sauv to watch Northern Ballet’s Romeo and Juliet at the New Victoria Theatre in Woking. What could be better?

Ok. So maybe a fortnight in the Maldives would be nice.

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Muddy counts down to the Always The Sun Festival, Guildford

5 Sep 2016


If you thought the summer of festivals was over, then you’d most certainly be wrong. And if you live anywhere near Guildford, I also have to ask if you’ve had your head under a rock these past few weeks, because this weekend (Sept 10-11) is the Always the Sun Festival, at Stoke Park in Guilford.

So this is your polite Muddy reminder to get your flippin skates on and buy your tickets if you haven’t already, cos it’s shaping up as a biggie peeps.

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Muddy essentials for festival fun

5 Sep 2016

Okay so everybody needs things like water, money for the bar and your ticket. Oh, and maybe wet wipes. But here are the other 15 things you’ll need if you’re heading to the Always the Sun festival in Guildford this weekend. It’s September, people, so we’ve covered all bases – from suncream and hat (and the sun is scheduled to shine) to wellies and raincoats (because it wouldn’t be the first time we’d been let down by the British weather!)


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Muddy review: The Rocky Horror Show

27 Jun 2016

I have a confession. And I say this with my eyes lowered and my head bowed, because even I’m wondering how on earth I got to the age I am without ever having seen The Rocky Horror Show. I know, right! It’s quite a feat. There really are some large gaps in my musical theatre history. Maybe it’s the fact I’m Australian.

But what’s got me even more incredulous is that tonight I was doing the Time Warp in my seat.

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Review: Hairspray at New Victoria Theatre, Woking

16 Mar 2016

Hairspray, New Victoria Theatre, Woking, until Sat 19 March

I don’t mind admitting to gaps in my history of musicals. I’ve never seen Hairspray – the musical or the film. How I’ve managed to remain a Hairspray virgin for so long, I don’t quite know. But then it was only recently that I saw Mamma Mia on stage for the first time, so on reflection perhaps it’s not so surprising after all.

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Review: The Last Tango at the New Victoria Theatre, Woking

8 Mar 2016

Not quite a musical, not just dance. Nor is it quite a play. The Last Tango is a curious hybrid of all three – a moving and evocative story told through dance, mime and song.

It’s not quite what I expected. The former Strictly Come Dancing stars and world champion dancers Vincent Simone and Flavia Cacace have a long history with the Argentine tango, and I’d expected full-on passion and drama, seduction and sexiness.

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Review: Rambert – The 3 Dancers plus other works, Woking

4 Mar 2016

My nine-year-old mudlet is a huge dance fan. She’s been studying ballet since she was four, she’s done modern dance and tap, and during the Strictly season, our Saturday nights are pretty much spoken for. When I heard the Rambert dance company was coming to the New Victoria Theatre at Woking, I was pretty excited. And so was she.

But full disclosure: I’m no dance aficionado. I barely know my demi-plié from my demi-pointe. 

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