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Muddy gardens: five things to do in July

1 Jul 2016

Summer’s here (er, apparently), and your garden will be looking it’s best, so really now is the time to kick off your stilettos, pop open a bottle of fizz and enjoy being out in it. But in between sips of the good stuff, there are a couple of odd jobs you can do to keep your borders looking even more fabulous.

Richard Burnip – or Burney as we like to call him – the head gardener at the stunning Loseley Park, near Guildford, gives us his top five tips. 

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Muddy gardens

1 Jun 2016

Sun’s out. The garden is calling. But what to do first? Luckily I know just the guy to ask. Andy Mills, head gardener at Painshill, the 18th-century landscape garden in Cobham, gives us these tips for those with green fingers. Happy gardening!

Trim Box hedges after Derby Day (4 June) preferably on a dull day.

Get planting Plant out tender perennials such as dahlias (above) and pelargoniums now that the danger of frost has passed.

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Muddy gardens: What to do in May

2 May 2016

Did you know it is World Naked Gardening Day this Saturday? And while I won’t personally be pulling weeds in the buff, if you’re planning to tend your flowers as nature intended then you’ll need to remember suncream as the sun is scheduled to shine this weekend!

This month our gardening tips come from Richard Burnip, or Burney as we like to call him, the head gardener at the stunning Loseley Park, near Guildford.

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Muddy gardens: what to do in April

11 Apr 2016

The days are longer, there’s a hint of warmth in the air, my stilettos don’t sink out of sight when I step into the garden. Yes, peeps, spring has finally sprung. And with barbecue weather just around the corner (a girl can be optimistic can’t she?), it’s time to tidy up the garden in preparation. But we couldn’t do it alone, so I’ve called in the big guns. Meet, Ryan, the head gardener at Foxhills Club and Resort in Ottershaw.

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Muddy gardens: What to do in March

9 Mar 2016

Spring has sprung. The daffodils are here, and the bluebells are on their way. But there’s a definite feeling that something more is to come – like perhaps some warmer weather. In the meantime, if your garden is anything like mine, you may need to perform a little surgery to bring it back to its best. And the lovely Andy Mills, head gardener at Painshill, the 18th-century landscape garden in Cobham created by Charles Hamilton, is just the chap to advise us on what we should be doing.

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