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Muddy reviews: My Brilliant Friend at the Rose Theatre

13 Mar 2017

Have you read Elena Ferrante’s novels? Oh but you must.

The Italian writer, who keeps her identity a mystery, is the author of several brilliant novels, all vivid and austerely honest accounts of the lives, relationships and inner conflicts of intelligent women. Her writing is intimate, immersive and intense. Last year the writer was named one of the 100 most influential people on the planet by Time magazine, and her most recent work – four novels that make up the Neapolitan series – has just been adapted for the stage by April de Angelis into two shows of two-and-half-hours.

It’s showing at the Rose Theatre, Kingston and my good friend and long-time Fleet Street journalist John Clarke (The Independent, The Times, the i paper – check out the iQuiz) was there to review it on Saturday.

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Muddy’s week with William…

22 Feb 2017

No. Muddy hasn’t been hanging with Will and Kate. Nor with Will-i-am. We’re talking about the nation’s greatest poet. This week, Muddy contributor, Zoe Dudgeon, found herself at three of the hottest Shakespeare productions in the country: the Guildford Shakespeare Company’s production of Julius Caesar, Twelfth Night at the National Theatre in London and A Midsummer Night’s Dream at the Young Vic in London. Here she gives you the lowdown on all three…

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Muddy reviews: The First Hippo on the Moon

16 Jan 2017

Do you like a good poo joke? I’ll bet you know a child who does.

The stage production of David Walliam’s The First Hippo on the Moon blasted off at, appropriately enough, the Royal Hippodrome in Eastbourne recently and there were poo jokes – not to mention gross sound effects – aplenty. It moves this week to G Live in Guildford. Our Muddy Sussex editor, Debbie was at the Hippo launch, and here’s what she had to say about it.

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Muddy reviews: Cinderella at the Harlequin Theatre

14 Dec 2016

If you haven’t booked a panto yet, Cinderella at the Harlequin Theatre in Redhill is a real crowd-pleaser. It may even be the ‘one and only’ panto to see this year. And if you had a crush on Chesney Hawkes in the Nineties, even more so.

Ches plays Prince Charming, and what a handsome and charming prince he is. Although has that man been cryogenically frozen and then defrosted just for this show? Because, honestly, he hasn’t aged a day!

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Muddy reviews: Aladdin at Yvonne Arnaud

14 Dec 2016

Right then. A little confession. When I first came to these fair shores, I didn’t care much for panto. It just seemed so silly and absurd. Another of those funny British peculiarities. And all those ‘it’s behind you’ jokes. Pah!

But that was then, and this is now. And last night’s performance of Aladdin at Yvonne Arnaud Theatre in Guildford just confirmed my penchant for panto. I think you’ll love it too.

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Muddy reviews: Santa Claus and the Christmas Adventure

13 Dec 2016

If an all-out Christmas panto is a bit much for your wee small ones, Santa Claus and the Christmas Adventure is gentler Christmas show, but one that also asks for a panto-like co-operation from its audience.

It’s a 45 minute show aimed at preschool kids – up to about age five – although the little muddy reviewers who went along were aged eight and six, and they both loved it.

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Muddy reviews: The Wind and the Willows

12 Dec 2016

While Lady Muddy Surrey was off having a pre-Crimbo, er, meeting with all the other regional Muddy Stilettos editors on Friday, Mr Muddy Surrey took the mudlets off to see The Wind and the Willows at the Rose Theatre in Kingston.

I don’t let just anyone loose on the blog, but Mr Muddy is a serious journo, usually writing quite serious stuff for quite serious publications. And given I was in the land of the original Muddy – Bucks and Oxon – which is nowhere near Kingston, and, ok, let’s be honest, just a tiny bit tiddled by the time the show started, I figured it was probably okay to give him a go at Muddy.

Here’s what he has to say about The Wind and the Willows. Thanks Mr Muddy…

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