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Muddy review: Children of Eden at the Harlequin Theatre, Redhill

5 Aug 2016

Ok, so whenever I see a stage production that involves kids – whether it’s in the West End or at my kids’ school – I cry. Most of the time I don’t even know the kids on the stage, so imagine how I might be if my own kids were up there.

Last night it was no different at the opening night of Children of Eden, a production by YESOS, the youth musical theatre group of Redhill and Reigate.

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Cool stuff to do with kids this summer #2

24 Jul 2016

Okay, so that’s a couple of weeks done, but there are still a couple more to go. So if you’re feeling frazzled here are a few more ideas for days out with the kids. Though if the sun is shining, a day at home under the sprinkler is a fave in the Muddy Surrey backyard. You can also check out my guide to book-ahead workshops and summer camps right here. I’ll be updating this list thoughout the summer so keep checking it!

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Don’t panic! It’s your last minute guide to summer courses for kids

12 Jul 2016

Holy crap! The summer holidays are almost upon us. And yet again I’ve totally left it to the last minute to book the mudlets into a summer course. But fear not, because I’ve done a last-minute trawl of cool courses, camps and other childcare-masquarading-as-fun options to help ease your way through the summer. It’s a bit of a scratch list so if you have any suggestions of things you’ve booked kids into or know of, please do add in the comment box below.

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