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Healing power: a guide to holistic therapies

26 Jan 2017

My note to self for 2017 – written in big bold letters is to be less stressed. There it is, in permanent marker pen, pinned to my fridge. This year, I’m chasing health and fitness and balance. Especially the balance. And I’m aiming for a more holistic approach. (But don’t worry Mr Wine Bottle, you haven’t been cast aside – there will be balance.)

A holistic approach to health and happiness focuses on healing the whole person – the mind, body and soul. But there are more holistic therapies being offered these days than you can shake a stick at, from aromatherapy to zero balancing. But what are these therapies, and what will they achieve. Check out our guide…

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Resolutions reaffirmed

18 Jan 2017

January can be a test of endurance for even the strongest among us. Long dark days and cold dreary weather without the sparkle of Christmas lights can make even the most cheery of us feel a little glum. Add New Year resolutions and January detox to the mix, and, well, it’s tough.

We’re at the halfway mark, and if you’re anything like me your willpower will be starting to fade, so I’ve asked life-style coach and general all-round creature of loveliness Clare Percival of Now It’s All About Me for her top tips on how to carry on in 2017 as you had meant to start out.

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Try this: hot lava shell massage

30 Nov 2016

Lava shells. Have you used them? Similar to a hot stone massage, only much improved, the hot lava shell massage, has been attracting a lot of attention. They’ve been around a while and I always thought they were a bit gimmicky, so gave them the meh treatment, but what do I know?!

Ellie Goulding, Pixie Lott and Sir Richard B are all fans – and so, it turns out, am I.

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Wow! A luxury Environ facial that works wonders

12 Oct 2016

There are some undeniable benefits to writing Muddy Stilettos. A legitimate excuse to wear elasticated trousers for food reviewing purposes. Walking 5 metres from bedroom to office (known until 8.55am as the kitchen table). Seeing more musicals than is strictly necessary for theatrical reviews. And perhaps, more than anything, trying out facials.

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