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Property flirt: party pad

1 Mar 2017

Shall we celebrate the start of spring and all this glorious spring weather (??!!!) with a goosey gander around a gorgeous family home just a hop skip and a flippety flop across the Kent border in pretty Crockham Hill. Yes, I think so too.

Usual rules apply – look at the pics and description, guess the price, put your answer in the comments box below and the winner gets a romantic break with Tom Hiddleston in the Bahamas. Er, ok, maybe not. But you’ll have the glory of being right!

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Property Flirt: I think I’m in love…

21 Feb 2017

There are properties that I like to flirt with. Just the usual flirting: a little blushing of cheek, fluttering of eyelash and possibly flashing of leg. It’s nothing serious, just a little crush. My heart’s not in it for the long haul.

And then there are the properties I go doolally over. These are the ones I would introduce to my parents. To my grandma. These properties are the keepers. They have everything on my tick list, and more.

Folks. I’ve found my keeper.

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Property flirt: it’s a biggie

11 Jan 2017

Well hello there sexy! Uh, I meant the house, but ok, you too. Well, this is the most expensive Property Flirt I’ve written about so far, giving a little ‘Hey Big Spender’ sequins and shimmy to proceedings. We’re talking six double bedrooms, five bathrooms (yes, really), five reception rooms, a gym, tennis court, swimming pool, stables, a separate guest cottage and roughly 12 acres of grounds. Want to take a sneaky peek? Of course you do.

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Property Flirt: she’s a stunner

12 Dec 2016

Are you ready to get Flirty Gertie? Time for one of my favourite bits of the blogaroo! Because, yes I’m nosey and yes I have property envy and yessity yes YES I want to pretend for a moment that I’m going to be living in this house one day.

If you haven’t played Property Flirt before, tis easy. Look at the pics, read the clues, get a feel for the area and then see if you can guess the price. Those who come within £10k of the asking price get an ‘I HEART SURREY’ key ring and my last Rolo. Subject to availability, of course. Oh, the Rolo’s just gone.

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Property flirt

24 Nov 2016

Well paint me green and call me a cucumber. Ain’t this the prettiest country house you ever did see? I’ve had a sneaky peek through the keyhole, and I can confirm that she’s just as good on the inside. Am I green? Oh yes I am.

You know the drill ladies and gents. I’ll take you on a tour, and drop a few little hints along the way. You consult with Mr Smith over the back fence and come up with a figure, and the winner gets a romantic night out with Kevin McCloud. Or Mr Smith. You choose.

Are you ready to rumble? Let’s do this thang…

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