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Muddy reviews: My Brilliant Friend at the Rose Theatre

13 Mar 2017

Have you read Elena Ferrante’s novels? Oh but you must.

The Italian writer, who keeps her identity a mystery, is the author of several brilliant novels, all vivid and austerely honest accounts of the lives, relationships and inner conflicts of intelligent women. Her writing is intimate, immersive and intense. Last year the writer was named one of the 100 most influential people on the planet by Time magazine, and her most recent work – four novels that make up the Neapolitan series – has just been adapted for the stage by April de Angelis into two shows of two-and-half-hours.

It’s showing at the Rose Theatre, Kingston and my good friend and long-time Fleet Street journalist John Clarke (The Independent, The Times, the i paper – check out the iQuiz) was there to review it on Saturday.

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How to take great pics on your phone

6 Mar 2017

Photographer Siân Tyrrell focuses her lens on the tiny details of everyday life, and the results are stunning. So when I got the chance to bombard her with some questions on picture-taking recently, I asked her to share some top tips to elevate me from random family snapper to smartphone goddess.

Could this actually be the time I get some good shots, rather than hacking people’s heads off? Smartphones at the ready, take aim… SHOOT!

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Happy birthday Mr G F Watts

27 Feb 2017

Last week would have been the 200th birthday of England’s (and Surrey’s) Michelangelo, and to celebrate the occasion Watts Gallery – Artists’ Village in Compton has launched a programme of events – Watts 200 – featuring exhibitions and events focusing on the life, works and legacy of this great artist.

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Resolutions reaffirmed

18 Jan 2017

January can be a test of endurance for even the strongest among us. Long dark days and cold dreary weather without the sparkle of Christmas lights can make even the most cheery of us feel a little glum. Add New Year resolutions and January detox to the mix, and, well, it’s tough.

We’re at the halfway mark, and if you’re anything like me your willpower will be starting to fade, so I’ve asked life-style coach and general all-round creature of loveliness Clare Percival of Now It’s All About Me for her top tips on how to carry on in 2017 as you had meant to start out.

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Popping the cork… dry January

2 Jan 2017

January –  if you find it the most boring (and sanctimonious) month of the year, with all your friends donning Lycra instead of heels and talking about quinoa rather than drinking, then we hear you. Stilettos and martinis are not just for Christmas; so join us for a truly muddy Surrey retox, all helped along by our friends at Taurus Wines.

 Mews Gin – East Horsley – £34.99

Father and son team, Richard and Daniel Mew created this small batch, vapour distilled gin for a very special occasion – their daughter/sister’s wedding!

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How to buy and sell a house

14 Sep 2016

Moving house is nothing short of a major trauma – the upheaval, the pain, the heartbreak and worry is not for the fainthearted. Property developers snap up the best plots, dithering buyers pull out of sales, greedy sellers try to up their prices – and it’s getting near on impossible to find a good deal on any property in this part of the world. *Sigh*

You need nerves like a steel trap.

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