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Muddy reviews: Brighton’s i360

23 Aug 2016

I heard about the recent opening of the shiny new i360 in Brighton — the world’s slenderest building — otherwise known as, ‘that big tower with the doughnut up it’. And as it’s a perfect day-trip away for us Surrey folk I hurried to chat about it with Muddy Sussex, aka Debbie who knows all there is to know about that particular stretch of the south coast. Sure enough, she’s already been up it — lucky thing — and here’s what she thought and some exclusive first piccies…

Opinion has been divided at Chez Muddy, and frankly in my own head, over the project, as it has been in Brighton itself.

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Day tripper: A walk and a splash at Box Hill

17 Aug 2016

Looking for somewhere to take the bratlets these summer holidays that won’t break the bank and gets them outside taking in a bit of fresh air and sunshine? (Okay, if they’re at all like my tweenie they may be glued to their smartphones for a bit of Poke-hunting – Grrr!)

But right now I’ll take that. So, I give you *drum roll* Box Hill, near Dorking. Okay, okay, I know it’s hardly a little-known destination as far as Surrey days out go, but I went recently after a long absence and I figured that if it had fallen off my radar, it may have fallen off yours as well.

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Medieval madness

29 May 2016

If you’re looking for a day out this Half-term, and you don’t mind travelling a little further afield, then I have an idea. And it’s a good’un. Knights in shining armour battle it out on beautiful horses in real jousting competition, archery, and combat displays – what’s not to like. My gorgeous Muddy sister and editor of Muddy Kent, Ali, gives us this…

And I thought the biggest battle this half-term would be between my Mudlets – over who has the master controller for the Wii computer or who was ‘breathing too loudly while eating breakfast’.

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Architecture: Watt’s Chapel

8 Mar 2016

I fancied writing a post on Surrey’s hidden churches. There are a couple of cute little chapels I vaguely know about, hiding down local country lanes.

But then, I thought, no, not hidden churches, but hidden “treasures”. Because Watts Chapel, in the small village of Compton, near Guildford, is quite the hidden treasure, not known to as many as it should be.

The tiny chapel has been hailed an Arts & Crafts masterpiece of national significance.

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Day tripper: Chobham

22 Feb 2016

Do you know your Chobham from your Cobham? Be honest. I know I’m not the only one. I confess that until recently, I thought they were one and the same. But then they’re not a million miles apart (12 actually), both demographically and geographically.

But while Cobham has been nicknamed the Beverley Hills of Britain (with more wags, Jags and, er, designer handbags than any other town or village in these Isles), Chobham is, perhaps, her more reserved little sister.

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3 Feb 2016

I recently stumbled across a fabulous place for a day out with the family. How is it, I have not found it sooner? I love a good wander around a garden, as my family know only too well. And when you add a cafe that serves good coffee and cake, you’re on to a sure-fire winner in my book. But as it’s been under my radar, I thought maybe it’d been under yours too. 

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2 Feb 2016

Apparently, people, Surrey has a witch. Or had one, at least.

And while my darling mini Muddys may think it’s me, they’re actually *hmph* quite wrong about that.

You see this witch is no modern day screeching mother (moi? never!), but the rather enchantingly named White Witch of Waverley. She was, I’m told, a friendly witch and herbalist who lived in a cave near the village of Frensham, near Farnham, many centuries ago.

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