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Day tripper: A walk and a splash at Box Hill

17 Aug 2016

Looking for somewhere to take the bratlets these summer holidays that won’t break the bank and gets them outside taking in a bit of fresh air and sunshine? (Okay, if they’re at all like my tweenie they may be glued to their smartphones for a bit of Poke-hunting – Grrr!)

But right now I’ll take that. So, I give you *drum roll* Box Hill, near Dorking. Okay, okay, I know it’s hardly a little-known destination as far as Surrey days out go, but I went recently after a long absence and I figured that if it had fallen off my radar, it may have fallen off yours as well.

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Taking the Treasure Trail

15 Feb 2016

Kids are arguing over the Xbox controller. Already? Aaaargh!! Well here’s a half-term saviour that gives you a fun excuse to get them out of the house and into the fresh air for an hour or two. Best of all, Treasure Trails are nationwide so you can use them at home or take them on holiday.

Like the most brilliant ideas, it’s very simple – self-guided themed walking treasure hunts. There are more than 20 Treasure Trails available covering towns, villages and rural areas across Surrey – including Box Hill, Dorking, Epsom, Farnham, Godalming, Guildford, Haslemere, Kingston, Oxted, Reigate, Richmond and Wimbledon (and over 1,000 across the UK).

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9 Feb 2016

The worst of winter is behind us, dry January is but a hazy memory and spring is flirting with us, brazenly flaunting the yellow frills of her daffodils. Now seems a good time to get your butt off the sofa and out into some fresh air.

I read something recently that said millions of Brits are living a “mushroom” existence during the winter, with loads of people admitting they don’t leave the house at all some weekends.

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3 Feb 2016

I recently stumbled across a fabulous place for a day out with the family. How is it, I have not found it sooner? I love a good wander around a garden, as my family know only too well. And when you add a cafe that serves good coffee and cake, you’re on to a sure-fire winner in my book. But as it’s been under my radar, I thought maybe it’d been under yours too. 

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2 Feb 2016

Apparently, people, Surrey has a witch. Or had one, at least.

And while my darling mini Muddys may think it’s me, they’re actually *hmph* quite wrong about that.

You see this witch is no modern day screeching mother (moi? never!), but the rather enchantingly named White Witch of Waverley. She was, I’m told, a friendly witch and herbalist who lived in a cave near the village of Frensham, near Farnham, many centuries ago.

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