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Hunting of the Snark

Inspired by Lewis Carroll’s zany poem, The Hunting of the Snark does not fail to deliver the joyful ludicrousness of his original work.

The intimate Rose Theatre is the perfect stage for a Snark Hunt and the play opens with a young boy lamenting his busy banker father doesn’t have time to take him to school.

However, once news breaks that a Snark has been spotted, an adventure begins to brew taking the boy, his banker father and the Bellman (who is an expert Snark hunter and proud owner of a knitting beaver) to the far away Snark Island.

Here, we meet more zany characters including the exotic Jubjub bird who loves ties and socks, the hilarious Bandersnatch (played by the excellent Will Bryant) who steals the show along with plenty of other items, and of course the villainous butcher (Polly Smith) who has only one thing on her mind, which is to catch and eat the Snark.

The only thing that can possibly go wrong for the hunters is that they catch a Boojum instead – a creature which is said to be identical to a Snark but much more dangerous.

Of course, the Snark hunters don’t always get what they want, but happily they all seem to get what they need by the end of the show.

The production is truly excellent with the whole cast executing a hilarious and pitch perfect performance of song, dance and general tomfoolery. Along with catchy songs brilliantly executed, there is enough silliness to keep the kids amused (recommended age 4+) but also plenty of adult wit to keep parents engaged for the 70 minute show.

It is a great tribute to one of history’s most celebrated children’s writers (Carroll famously authored Alice in Wonderland) and in keeping with Lewis Carroll’s wishes we never learn what a snark looks like only that “the Snark was a Boojum, you see”.

The Hunting of the Snark is at the Rose Theatre, Kingstone until Sat 28 Oct.

Review by Debbi Marco

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