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Thriller Live

Michael Jackson's 'Thriller Live' is one long crowd-pleaser. Don't stop til you get enough!

Thriller Live had me bopping away in my seat a little too enthusiastically for my neighbours liking, but as the king of pop himself would say… blame it on the boogie. Thriller Live exceeded all expectations with a two-hour tribute to Michael Jackson’s legendary musical talent. You probably don’t need reminding but just to put you in the spirit of things we’re talking songs such as, ‘ABC’, ‘Man in the mirror’, ‘Don’t stop till you get enough,’ ‘The way you make me feel’ and of course ‘Thriller’.

This is not a show that touches upon the darker parts of MJ’s life but one that focuses on celebrating his iconic tracks that set music sales rocketing and broke records even after his death. As one would expect from an artist that has produced 50 songs that made it onto the Billboard charts, this show never has one of those ‘waiting for THE song’ moments. Every song is a banger and Thriller Live by its very nature is one long crowd pleaser.

This glitzy concert which benefits from spectacular visuals and flashes of unexpected fireworks and confetti cannons brings a troupe of dancers and singers of unbridled talent to the stage. Vocalists Britt Quentin and Eddy Lima are aided by a compelling physical resemblance to the man himself, create captivating performances, capturing the essence of MJ’s mannerisms, physical movement and vocal tone. It’s not surprising that narrator Britt Quentin who is also the resident director has shared the stage with pop superstars like Stevie Wonder and Lionel Richie, as his stage presence is unerring. Equally unsurprising is finding that Eddy Lima began performing as a tribute to Michael Jackson in a talent contest at the age of only eleven, as he has everything you’d want from a magnificent moon walk, and more.

There is little storyline, but the songs are occasionally intersected by a monologue to remind the audience of the impact that MJ made to the musical world. The audience are allowed to feel part of the magic when persuaded to get to their feet for a chant-off and despite my disappointment at being on evidently the less vocal, it was a great way to pump up the audience and get them dancing.

Adriana Louise, Rory Taylor and Ina Seidou, take it in turns with Eddie and Brit to be lead singer. Each vocalist brings something different to the stage, making the dynamics refreshing and exciting. The backing dancers were exceptionally impressive as their slick performances were delivered with an explosion of energy and oomph. Despite the modern day ‘floss’ dance adding a comic touch, all of MJ’s traditional dance moves- the moon walk, hip thrust, Kicks, anti- gravity lean- were being gyrated and swivelled around the stage left, right and centre.

The worst thing about the Thriller Live experience? The person next to me whose inability to clap to the beat became an annoyance that I had to learn to ignore over the spanning of two hours (he came with me, so I’m allowed to say that).

The best? The feel- good factor and the performers “go hard or go home” approach which would make even a matinee audience groove for a whole 120 minutes.

You’ve got less than a week left to catch this brilliant show, so take your friends, take your family, take everyone and don’t stop til’ you get enough.

Review by Alice Ridsdale


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