• Bring on the Bollywood

    This Bollywood extravaganza at the Rose Theatre in Kingston is bursting with colour, energy and fun. It’s on until Sunday so catch it if you can

  • Chat with Mr Rockefeller

    Jonathan Rockefeller is the writer, director, and the creator of The Very Hungry Caterpillar Show, coming to the Rose Theatre. Muddy caught up to, er, chew things over

  • Muddy reviews: Junkyard

    Junkyard isn’t your traditional all-singing, all-dancing musical, but this production from some of the hottest names in London theatre is a joy to watch

  • The boys who created ‘Junkyard’

    The writer of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child has teamed up with a top London director and an award-winning composer to produce a play that’s very personal

  • Muddy reviews: The Twits

    I’m just back from seeing The Twits at the Rose Theatre in Kingston and I’ve got two things to tell you about it.

    Numero uno: The Twits really are an awful pair – repulsive, disgusting and pretty ghastly. They’re not nice to each other, and they’re even worse to those around them – especially the monkey Muggle Wumps.

    Numero deux: They provide brilliant comedic material for kids – and their parents. From the beer guzzling at breakfast and the brown stains on Mr Twit’s Y-fronts to Mrs Twit’s earthworm pasta and delightful leopard-print leggings, there’s a lot to make you groan about these two.

  • Muddy reviews: Wonderland

    Apparently, Wonderland is “an enchanting musical adaptation of Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass. You might think this is just the ticket for an Easter holiday outing with the kids. There’s even a bunny! Or is it? Sure, the bonkers characters are all there. And the magical underland. But gone is the 10-year-old Alice. She’s has […]

    • Muddy meets Mr and Mrs Twit

      Squeals of excitement when we heard The Twits were coming to The Rose Theatre in Kingston. Roald Dahl’s funny story of this spiteful and vindictive couple has long been a favourite in the Muddy Surrey house.

      So when I was lucky enough to get down and dirty with Robert Pickavance and Jo Mousley – aka Mr and Mrs Twit – I couldn’t help but hurl a few quick-fire questions at them. And they didn’t disappoint.

    • Muddy reviews: My Brilliant Friend at the Rose Theatre

      Have you read Elena Ferrante’s novels? Oh but you must.

      The Italian writer, who keeps her identity a mystery, is the author of several brilliant novels, all vivid and austerely honest accounts of the lives, relationships and inner conflicts of intelligent women. Her writing is intimate, immersive and intense. Last year the writer was named one of the 100 most influential people on the planet by Time magazine, and her most recent work – four novels that make up the Neapolitan series – has just been adapted for the stage by April de Angelis into two shows of two-and-half-hours.

      It’s showing at the Rose Theatre, Kingston and my good friend and long-time Fleet Street journalist John Clarke (The Independent, The Times, the i paper – check out the iQuiz) was there to review it on Saturday.

      • Muddy reviews: Ghost the Musical

        The musical version of Ghost, the classic story of love overcoming the ultimate barrier, is on at the New Victoria Theatre in Woking from tonight. Muddy’s Sussex sister, Debbie, caught the show a couple of weeks ago when it rolled into Crawley. Here’s what she made of it.

      • Muddy’s week with William…

        No. Muddy hasn’t been hanging with Will and Kate. Nor with Will-i-am. We’re talking about the nation’s greatest poet. This week, Muddy contributor, Zoe Dudgeon, found herself at three of the hottest Shakespeare productions in the country: the Guildford Shakespeare Company’s production of Julius Caesar, Twelfth Night at the National Theatre in London and A Midsummer Night’s Dream at the Young Vic in London. Here she gives you the lowdown on all three…

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