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Party survival kit

The Christmas party season is officially upon us. To help you survive, and still look your best, we've consulted Surrey's best beauticians for some advice. Here are their 29 top tips!

Exfoliate your skin before applying a face mask to help the product penetrate your skin. Removing this layer of clutter off of your skin lets your skincare products penetrate deeper into your skin, making them work better, and giving you ab brighter complexion.

Get primed
Primer is often seen as an unnecessary step, but to give you skin an extra glow and to help your makeup last longer, it should be the first thing you take from your makeup bag. So, before applying your foundation apply a primer for a lovely smooth, hydrated finish.

Amy Westwood, Polished in Godalming.

Drink more
It’s been said before, but we’ll say it again – one of the simplest ways to keep skin looking good is to keep hydrated. Many of us have dehydrated skin caused by things like central heating, weather, harsh beauty products and not drinking enough. (water, not gin, you naughties!). Aim to drink 1.5 litres of water a day.

Book a facial
Having regular facials will not only improve your skin, but also give you an hour or so to yourself to relax and recharge. And at this time of year we all need a moment to recharge.

Sleep smart
Late nights are part and parcel of this time of year and far be it from us to send you to bed at 8pm with an order to get more beauty sleep. Which means there’s only one thing for it. You’ve got to sleep smart. That means, no dozing off clutching your phone. You’ll also sleep better (and your skin with thank you) if you take your make up off. 

Don’t forget your hands
Unless you are fantastic at putting on the gloves every time you go out the door, your hands will be affected by the weather and they’re  an area that shows initial ageing. The Sothys Velvet hand Cream (£16.50) feels, well, just like velvet so does exactly what it says on the tin (sorry, tube) and is a handy 50ml size to keep in your handbag so there are no excuses to reapply regularly!

Nichola Sackley, Nilosa Beauty and Aesthetics in Frimley

Gorgeous curls
Every season has different trends, but for the party season you can’t go wrong with tumbling tousled curls. Heated rollers are an easy way to achieve this classic look, and they can be work while paint your nails. Take them out when cool and run your fingers through your hair and voila you have beautiful curls.
Hair health
Look after your locks during winter by using moisturising shampoo and conditioner, and once a week use a deep conditioner mask. The Paul Mitchell Awapuii Wild Ginger Moisturising Shampoo and Keratin Creme Rinse is divine.
Nail it
Get a gel manicure. Gel nails will last without chipping during Christmas and New Year. Pick a wintry plum shade for a chic look
Susan Cobley, Sue-Jane Hair and Beauty, Horley


Book a massage
If your poor body is feeling really beaten from all those nights out standing in sexy heels, consider booking yourself in for a full body massage. A good Swedish massage or reflexology will also aid the removal of toxins from the body.

Charcoal supplements
Skin is the body’s largest organ and the first to show signs of over-indulgence. Take activated charcoal supplements with a large glass of water before bed to help absorb the toxins and sort out the internal effects of drinking alcohol. A facial that includes activated charcoal and kojic acid will also help clearing the complexion. Clarity from the Kaia range by Onsen Skin Health is a great at-home once-a-week masque (available at Beautique Medispa Reigate and Dorking).

Dehydration due to alcohol intake can cause more than a headache, try to drink one glass of water alongside each alcoholic bevvie. And before be, vitamin C will help, and consider taking Glutathione supplements to help support the liver.
Body brushing
Sitting around the fire in comfy clothes and slouchy socks, appreciating winter from behind the windows does absolutely nothing to promote silky radiant skin. Under those layers there’s likely to be a build up of dead skin cells due to lack of fresh air. So before you slip on your slinky party dress make sure to give yourself a good body brushing. Or even better, book into a salon for a full body exfoliation.
Karen Shirlaw, Beautique Medispa, Reigate
Hollywood skin
If you want you skin to look 10 years younger during the party season, whisk some egg whites and apply to a cleansed face. Leave on for up to 20 mins. This a a trick many A listers do before big events as it tightens the skin leaving it looking firmer.
Quick dry nails
Since Christmas is a time where we all rush around like lunatics it’s easy to smudge a set of freshly painted nails! Dry them quickly by running them under cold water whilst they are still wet. The cold water sets them much faster then waving them about like a fly swotter!
Lasting lashes
There is nothing more glam then a beautiful set of false lashes applied to a full face of make up to give that extra party glow! The only issue is that after a few bubbles and dodgy dance moves they can sometimes flap up at the ends! The secret is to apply the glue (black duo eyelash adhesive) to the actual eyeliner line instead of straight into the lashes. This has a much better hold and will avoid the embarrassment of ripping them off before the night is out.
Jenny Rennie, Beautify Salon, Caterham 
Avoid a flaky scalp
Your scalp needs moisture as it is prone to dry flaky scalp. Use a ph balanced or moisturising shampoo to keep scalp in good condition. You can also exfoliate the scalp by using an oil and rubbing it in scalp then brush, you can then massage all over the scalp for up to 10mins. This will ensure that the scalp stays healthy and that dry skin doesn’t build up. You could also do this at night and leave oil in all night for an extra scalp treat!

Fly away hair
Keep a tumble drier sheet on you, if you rub this onto static hair (or clothes) it will get rid of static instantly (and make your hair smell nice!) especially after wearing hats and scarfs that may have nylon or wool. Lifesaver. A great tip is push one through the bristles of a brush so it gets every strand of hair! Another way to get rid of static is add hairspray to your brush as you brush each section this will prevent static. Static can be avoided by using a nourishing hair oil that soaks into hair wet and dry. and using a vent brush with plastic or natural bristles to dry hair helps.

Dry hair completely
Before going out make sure you dry your hair off completely. Going out with damp hair means the cuticles are slightly open, leaving it vulnerable to damage by pollution, extreme heat or cold and wind. Make sure you blowdry fully and using straightening irons to seal the hair cuticles. Use a heat protector and don’t over iron, just run it through to seal the ends.

Moistures your hair as well as your skin
As it gets colder outside, we heat up inside. This extreme temperature change affects hair and skin. Moisturise it! Don’t wash hair in high temperatures as this strips hair of its natural oil and you need that to make sure the hair is as frizz free as can be! Don’t over wash hair, if it doesn’t need washing don’t strip unnecessary hair oils. If your skin is crying out for extra moisture so is your hair.

Leanne Humphries, Velvet Rooms, Chobham



Fake tanning
It is essential to wax or shave at least 24 hours before fake tanning, and remember to exfoliate and moisturise the night before you plan to tan. Use a barrier cream on elbows, knuckles, knees and around the heels – fake tan LOVES wrinkles!! Wear plastic gloves until the last minute and go over the hands lightly. At this time of year also consider going lighter and opt for more of a healthy glow and if in doubt or for somewhere special , go to a professional, they can get to all the awkward parts of the body and give you an amazing glow!

Gel nails
Not to be confused with extensions , gel nails give you long lasting wear and are dry in an instant but don’t leave it till the last minute. Book an appointment in advance and think about what you will be wearing to all those amazing Christmas parties. If in doubt opt for a very dark shade or perhaps a chrome effect, that way your nails will compliment every outfit!

Hot lava massage
If the Christmas chaos is taking over your life book in for a hot lava massage and feel the tension just melt away under the intense heat of the tiger clam shells. Pure bliss , just don’t go shopping afterwards or you may spend more than you intend!

Be prepared
Think about hair, make up and clothes in advance of any party. That way you can book ahead for a spray tan or lash extensions.

Glitter and sparkle
A body cream with shimmer will add a real glow to any party outfit and make you feel fabulous.

Gail Vaughan, Glamour Garden, Guildford

Don’t forget to cleanse
Remove your makeup at bedtime! Cleansing twice daily with warm water (not hot) removes, dirt, sweat, bacteria, pollution and makeup which would otherwise clog up skin pores, stop skin breathing and lead to free radical damage.

Wear an SPF
Even in winter! Always use a non chemical SPF even when the sun is not shining. This will protect your skin from premature ageing. Ninety per cent of premature ageing is caused by UVA and UVB present all year round.

Healthy days
December is a month of indulgence! Try to have some healthy days between the naughty ones. Stock up on coconut water – it’s full of electrolytes which re-hydrate your body. Apple cider vinegar is another good cure all. A tablespoon in warm water every day will help alkalise the body and aid in detoxification.

Drench your skin
Up the antioxidants. Use active skin serums.

Melissa Farley, Melissa Skin Therapy, Dorking




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