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Fat freezing

It's billed as the non-surgical alternative to liposuction - but does cryolipolysis really work? Muddy gives the fat-freezing treatment a whirl.


Beautique Medispa is tucked away at the western end of Reigate, handily just a two minute walk from the Upper West Street car park. The salon, one of two Beautique Medispas (the other is in Dorking), was last month named the best Boutique Salon in the South-east at the Professional Beauty Awards. And, as well as being the top salon in the south-east of England, it’s also the only authorised CTN Cryoclinic in the UK.


The salon is stylishly turned out with a series of treatment rooms that manage to still look beautiful and relaxing in an elegant shabby chic kind of way, despite all the high-tech equipment. They specialise n non-surgical beauty treatments, including cryolipolysis, a new treatment to remove unwanted body fat (with minimum effort). It’s billed as the non-surgical alternative to liposuction – which, let’s face it, sounds almost too good to be true. Curious to find out more, we sent Muddy commercial manager, Becky, along for a treatment.


Basically, cryolipolysis uses extremely low temperatures to kill fat cells, which are then naturally removed from the body by the lymphatic system. The treatment is part of a 3-step procedure, each one taking about 90 minutes. Instant inch loss is possible in a single session, but the fat cells will continue to crystallise and breakdown in the weeks following the procedure.

It won’t surprise you to learn that although this treatment is fairly new to the UK, it’s already hugely popular in the United States. But it’s best to go into this with realistic expectations. If you’re a size 16, don’t expect to transform into a size 10. Beautique Medispa owner, Karen, says this treatment is best suited to someone who is in relatively good shape, but with fat bulges like a muffin top. It’s not a cure for obesity, and people who are very overweight will not benefit from the treatment.


Having had two children fairly close together, Becky was keen to redefine her waistline. The first part of the treatment involved Becky being zapped with a lipo laser for 10 minutes, a process that works to destabilise the structure of the fat cells. It didn’t hurt a bit.

Next up was the actual cryolipolysis procedure, in which a wide tube that looks a but like a vacuum cleaner basically sucks up your skin. It’s not uncomfortable at all, but it is really cold – and the quickly felt quite numb. Afterwards, Becky’s tum felt really cold to the touch, but within a day it was back to normal. There was very slight bruising but nothing major – it’s something to just be aware of if you’re planning to wear a bikini the following week.


Karen says clients ideally need to combine cryolipolysis with lifestyle changes in order to see the best results. She suggests combining the treatment with intermittent fasting to help absorb the flabby skin cells. Becky has already achieved inch loss. It takes up to 12 weeks to see the full results but, four weeks later Becky can see a reduced tum and her jeans are a little less snug. And importantly, she wouldn’t be scared to go again.


For better results from cryolipolysis the treatment should be combined with lipolaser and cavitation massage (8 sessions over 4 weeks incl cryo). Treatment of 1 area for only £680

Beautique Medispa, 13a Nutley Lane, Reigate, Surrey, RH2 9HP. 01737 225 955.

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2 comments on “Fat freezing”

  • Angie Wynn November 25, 2018

    Far too expensive.

    • Karen December 3, 2018

      Hi Angie, there are 8 treatment sessions included in that price, this works out at a little over £80 each; the supporting lipolaser and ultrasound cavitation massage sessions support the single cryolipolysis treatment. I believe you will not find a better deal on the market for a comparable treatment.


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