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From razor to laser

Wanna be fuzz-free for good? Muddy tested a new laser treatment at Richmond's Bodyvie Medi Clinic that's super fast and pain-free

Laser hair removal. There’s not much sexy about those three words. But then, there’s not much sexy about fuzzy legs either.

I’ve been a long-term leg waxer. But for the past couple of years my shins and calves have been prone to ingrown hairs: red spots that are both unsightly and itchy. There’s most certainly nothing sexy about that.

(Note to reader: if this is already too much information you might want to look away now.) You see, I’m a picker and scratcher, so the red spots soon turned to little red scabs and, though mostly hair-free, my spotty legs invariably most of the year covered up by jeans.

And at the times when I didn’t have an outbreak of ingrowns, a spell of sunny weather would catch me by surprise and my fuzzy pegs would even then be concealed beneath a layer of clothing.

Something had to change.

For years I’d been attracted to the idea of laser hair removal – but this treatment involves a fair commitment of time, not to mention a considerable investment, so I wanted to be certain it would be safe, permanent and, frankly, worth my while.

My research quickly led me to the Bios Square Epil system of laser hair removal, a brand new technology that achieves hair removal three times faster than any other laser treatment. The Bodyvie Medi Clinic in Richmond, Surrey is the first clinic in the UK to offer the treatment.

It’s only been available for a few months, and already it’s got people in the industry very excited. It’s been dubbed ‘the Aston Martin, Rolls Royce and Bentley of lasers’.

For those who want the techy stuff, the Bios Square Epil combines two different types of powerful laser which means it can treat all skin types. Pulses of highly concentrated light are emitted from the laser into the hair follicles. The pigment in the follicles absorbs the light, which prevents further growth.

It has a pulse repetition of up to 3Hz, and there are two shape options – a circular spot size up to 30mm, and a square spot of 27 by 27mm – meaning that 14.2cm squared of body surface can be treated per second.

If your eyes glazed over at the first mention of Hzs, let me just say it’s quick and powerful.

For best results, a course of six to eight treatments is recommended each one about a month apart, but before you start you’ll need to have a patch test to make sure you have no adverse reactions.

My patch test took a matter of seconds – and my skin reacted well, so the following week I returned for my first treatment. To prepare for my session, Bhumika, my technician, said I should shave my legs and ensure they were free of all products. This includes fake tan.

I’ve heard some horror stories about the pain involved in laser treatment with the process being compared to whack-a-mole as the laser hones in on another hair follicle to quash. But the Bios Square Epil laser treatment is relatively pain-free. I say “relatively” because whilst I don’t feel like I’m being zapped with a hot rod, there is a small amount of discomfort. It’s more a short sharp ping of warmth than pain, and it’s more concentrated in the areas where there’s more bone like the ankles and knees. I’m having only my legs done, so I don’t have any first-hand experience of the bikini-line area but I’d imagine it might also be a tender.

The process doesn’t actually last long though, and in just over 10 mins my legs are done. Bhumika applied some cooling aloe vera gel and told me to avoid extreme heat like hot water and sun bathing for the next 48 hours as the skin is particularly sensitive. My legs look a bit spotty, but this goes within a few hours.

I’ve had three of my six treatments and aside from some small patches of growth, my legs are largely hair-free, so I’m already seeing brilliant results. By the time I’ve finished the treatment, my legs will be smooth and completely fuzz free. I can’t wait.

Bodyvie Medi Clinic, 133-135 Kew Rd, Richmond, Surrey, TW9 2PN



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