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On the lash

My friend Emma says there’s no such thing as an ugly women, just a lazy one. These words were, I believe, first uttered by the multi-millionaire cosmetics grandee Helena Rubinstein, who can no doubt attribute some of her millions to the fact that a lot of women are not lazy at all.

Emma always looks gorgeous – she’s got beautiful milky white skin, jet black hair which she wears cut in a short pixie bob, and the longest lashes I’ve ever seen on anyone.  And while Emma has a stunning natural beauty, she enhances that with some additional flourishes. She’s most definitely not lazy.

Unlike, say, me – who’s very lazy when it comes to beauty. Helena would have hated me! Most days I don’t even wear make up (I blame the WAHM thing!). But Emma and her long curled lashes have inspired me to lift my game. And – if you’ll pardon the pun – that’s exactly what I’ve done with my lashes. They’ve been lifted, curled and tinted.

Before: short stumpy eyelashes, where are you?

I got the LVL treatment – Length Volume Lift – at the wonderful Beautique Medispa in Reigate. LVL are nothing new – but they’ve been big on the beauty scene this summer with anyone who’s anyone having their lashes done. This treatment is all about working with what you have – a combination of lash perm and tint.

If you think that sounds uncomfortable, you’d be wrong. In fact, Lucy, my therapist says many of her clients go to sleep while they’re having it done. And had I not been madly picking Lucy’s brain for everything there is to know about the LVL treatment, I’d probably have dropped off too. It’s not often I get to lay down with my eyes closed for the best part of an hour in the middle of the day.

And after: longer, curlier and more luscious lashes.

You’ll need to go for a patch test 24 hours before you have the treatment, to ensure you don’t have any reaction to the various dyes and chemicals.

The treatment itself takes just under an hour and involves having your top eyelashes bonded to a curling shield. There’s a small, medium and large shield – with the medium shield used most often. The smaller shield will give a more intense lift, while the larger one give a more subtle lift. It’s an unusual sensation at first, but not particularly uncomfortable and certainly not painful.

Lucy then applied a lifting balm, which I guess, is a bit like a perming solution. Next up is the volumnising solution, and then the tint. Finally, a moisturising serum is applied.

It’s important to keep your eyes dry – so no sappy films, hot steamy baths, showers, or hovering near the boiling kettle – for at least 24 hours as this may cause your lashes to drop.

I’m loving my dark curled lashes. It feeds in perfectly to the lazy girl in me – in that all I have to do is pop some tinted moisturiser on and I’m ready to go. And if I want a more dramatic look, I just add mascara.

Beautique Medispa, 13a Nutley Lane, Reigate, Surrey, RH2 9HP. 01737 225 955.

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