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The Olive Tree – Natural Therapy Rooms

Muddy says: The Olive Tree offers a variety of holistic therapies including: Kinesiology, Rejuvadetox, Bowen Technique, Reflexology, Counselling and Zero Balancing.

The therapists at The Olive Tree treat a range of issues, helping clients with emotional stress release, digestive, weight loss and hormone-related issues.

Cellulite, weight problems, lymphedema, circulation, fibromyalgia, water retention, muscle aches & pains, bloating, headaches, fatigue, digestive issues can all be symptoms of a sluggish lymphatic system. Rejuvalymph is a painless and relaxing treatment that helps clear stubborn toxic build-up, and improves blood supply to every cell in the body.

Rejuvadetox is a is a life-changing 4 week programme that works with the body to gently break down and eliminate toxins, and guarantees healthy weight loss. It includes lifestyle and dietary changes to maintain and enhance results.


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