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Toy Box Tots

Muddy says: This innovative new company is the way forward for kids’ toys. Don’t buy. Rent! Not only are you saving the planet, but your little darlings will have a constant supply of new and interesting toys to keep them amused.

Imagine a world where your house is not cluttered with toys, and yet your kids can play happily with a variety of different toys each month.

Say hello to Toy Box Tots, a brand new service that enables you to hire brilliant and high-quality bundles of toys for your pre school Tots, then return them four weeks later and take delivery of a whole new bundle.

The toy boxes are categorised by age – 12-18 months, 18-24 months, 2-3 years and 3-4 years and each is based around a theme taken from a children’s book, which you get to keep.

As well as the toy box you’ll get a newsletter with lots of ideas for things to do with your tot and how to play with the toys.

There’s no pricey subscription involved – order as many or as few toy boxes as you like. And if you child falls in love with a particular toy there’s even the option to buy one (or you can request the same box again, until they move onto a new ‘favourite’.)

In a country where the average spend on toys and games for each child under five is £636.60 a year, this surely is the way forward.

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