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How to buy an engagement ring

You've found the right girl (or guy) - you're going to pop the question. Or perhaps you already have. Now there's just the small matter of the engagement ring. Here's all you need to know.

We’re fast approaching that other day of the year when a certain St Valentine shoots his arrow, and lovers go down on bended knee to ask for their partner’s hand.

But before any words are uttered, you’ll need to choose an engagement ring. It needn’t be difficult – and yet it’s a minefield out there. Quite literally. Do you go for a single diamond? Two diamonds? Or even three? Or maybe you think she (or he) would like something less traditional.

At Simon Pure jewellery they suggest you keep it simple. Here are some tips on how to chose an engagement ring – the Simon Pure way.

Most engagement rings fall into one of the three design categories – and your loved-one’s current jewellery-wearing preferences will give you the biggest hint as to which she falls into.

Think about her life and her style. Is she sporty, outdoorsy, delicate, princessey, demure, understated or does she love to be the centre of attention? What jewellery does she enjoy wearing now?

Simply beautiful: Less is more. Simply set diamonds, nothing more, nothing less.

Timeless elegance: Dainty and delicate scattered with diamonds. Classic designs inspired by old-fashioned romance.

Unusual and eye-catching: Unique designs with a twist. These are the designer rings that stand out from the crowd.



Of course you’ll want to know about diamonds. And the C-word is bound to come up – or rather, all four C-words: cut, colour, clarity and carat.

Cut: When it comes to diamonds, the most important decision is shape. Brilliant cut is round. Princess cut is square. The cutting of a diamond is what sets alight its sparkle.

Colour: Thought all diamonds were an icy white? Think again. All diamonds exhibit hints of colour, and they’re graded according to the GIA official scale from D-Z, with D-grade being rarest and most sought-after. And the most expensive.

Clarity: All diamonds are natural, each and every one is unique. And some will have mineral elements or tiny fractures in the crystal that have been trapped inside for eternity – a diamond’s birthmark, technically known as an inclusion. These are graded from the very rare flawless diamond with no inclusions to diamonds with inclusions visible to the naked eye.

Carat: Quite simply the size of the stone, as determined by weight. 200 milligrams = 1 carat.

At Simon Pure, all the diamonds are handpicked. They insist on a high quality in cut, colour and clarity.



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