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Muddy gardens: what to do in April


The days are longer, there’s a hint of warmth in the air, my stilettos don’t sink out of sight when I step into the garden. Yes, peeps, spring has finally sprung. And with barbecue weather just around the corner (a girl can be optimistic can’t she?), it’s time to tidy up the garden in preparation. But we couldn’t do it alone, so I’ve called in the big guns. Meet, Ryan, the head gardener at Foxhills Club and Resort in Ottershaw.

Over to you Ryan… 

Hi I’m Ryan and I’m going to give you my top five tips for home gardening in April. But before that, let me introduce myself properly… I’ve been a gardener for 11 years, and have experience in all types of gardening including hard and soft landscaping and, of course, garden maintenance.

GardenscropRyan Prower - Head Gardener Foxhills - 1

So far my work has varied from domestic properties to large corporations to multimillion-pound properties for the royal family of Dubai. But no matter how big or small the garden is, if it is looked after properly the results will be there for all to see. And to now, where I am the head gardener of Foxhills Club and Resort in Surrey, with its 400 acres of trees, grounds, gardens and golf courses.

I’m approaching my fifth year in charge and have a team of two gardeners working with me, both taught by myself, and my main tip for them is the five p’s: perfect preparation prevents poor performance! Spring is fast approaching so grass plants and unfortunately weeds will be growing and fast! Here’s my five tips to get you prepared for that perfect home garden.

Chop chop


If you haven’t already mown your lawn, keep the mower on a higher setting to trim the top to help promote new growth.

Feed and weed


Use a weed feed and moss kill fertiliser on the lawn. You don’t want weeds or moss competing with growth of your lawn. If moss isn’t an issue use a high nitrogen feed to encourage strong growth.

Be a dead header


Dead head tulips and daffodils – but only the heads. Leave the stems and leaves as they need to die back naturally and will replenish the bulb for the next year’s flower.

Getting frosty


Avoid putting out tender plants until after April as frost is still likely and will ruin your new plants.

All sown up


April is ideal to sow seeds whether it be for herbs or to repair patches in your lawn.

So there you have it few tips to help you out this April. Go get those stilettos muddy!! Which would also help aerate your lawn.

GardensThe Manor House at Foxhills

Foxhills, Stonehill Road, Ottershaw, KT16 0EL. Tel: 01932 872050. 

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