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Five reasons to live clutter free

A less cluttered home means a less cluttered mind. But that's just one of the benefits - here are a few more reasons to get rid of the junk.

Karen from Mardi Girl, is a professional organiser based in Surrey, and it’s her job to simplify how you live and restore order and calm.

Anyone who’s ever cleared out their wardrobe will know that decluttering can be an oddly emotional experience – our possessions are bound up with so many memories. But this is where Karen comes in. It’s her job to help people to say goodbye to things they don’t need by making some simple, practical changes for a more organised and clutter free way of living.


Here she tells us five benefits to living a decluttered life…

1. Get ready every day in a timely manner

Time spent searching for stuff is estimated to take an average of 10 minutes a day. I have friends and clients who I know can double this figure! Sadly this is because they can’t find what they need – so things get left behind. Often this is how things begin to slip into long term clutter increasing habits.


2. No more head for of stress

If you are constantly surrounded by clutter – even if the clutter is tucked away behind doors – it will fill your mind full of worrisome mental junk!


3. Save money

By clearing the clutter and learning to live with less you will begin to buy less. Constantly purchasing ‘stuff’  is habit forming and the little rush you may get when the next box of goodies arrive is usually short-lived! Have fun and do a family car boot or garage sale, this money making or cost saving means you could enjoy more family days out!


4. Improve your social life

Most people with lots of clutter say they no longer invite friends over for meals or even a cup of tea, because they are embarrassed. They begin to make excuses and before they know it, no one comes over and they begin to feel isolated and yearn for a different life.


5. Healthy habits and good routine

If you have too much stuff and it’s out of control, it becomes hard to keep the home clean and tidy. If the adults within a family just drop washing to the floor, or don’t take their plate to the kitchen after meals and snacks. The children will learn very quickly to copy and begin to create their own bad habits – soon everything is a mess and becomes very stressful for everyone. Families bond through the clearing process, becoming organised together is very positive! everyone feeling less overwhelmed has got great benefits for the whole family.

For tips on how to declutter your home, Mardi Girl has this advice. But if you’re feeling overwhelmed with the task, give her a call – they don’t call her ‘the organised lady’ for nothing – and she’ll have calm and organisation restored to your home in no time.

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