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Get em outdoors!

Overstretched parents, tech-addicted kids and exercise levels dropping – what can be done to help children get moving again?

As a draconian, evil mother who tries to limit my kids’ screen time (boo! hiss!), I’m all for getting children active in the fresh air, moving something more than just their thumbs. But it can be hard to get kids motivated to get outside, so I asked the sporty types at Athletix Kidz – a Surrey-based athletics play programme for kids aged 2 ½ to 7 years old – for their top tips on how to get kids moving.

You might be wondering how to keep your children engaged and busy over the holidays. Exercise is a vital part of anyone’s schedule especially introducing this at an early age as obesity is constantly rising throughout the world.

It is so easy to allow children to play on their Xbox or iPads to keep them quiet, and this is okay, but only for short periods of time. Children must have the right balance of rest and play. 

Here are our five tips to keep your kids engaged during the holidays.

1. Think about setting up a small assault course in the garden or at the local park.

2. Using objects around you to use as points to run to/or around, back and forth, or zig zagging in and out.

3. For agility try and recreate a number of equal lines like a flat ladder to run, jump and hop through whilst building up speed going through them faster and faster.

4. Standing jumps on the grass are always a good exercise where you can mark how far they have jumped trying to improve as you go on.

5. Throwing a ball or bean bag at targets to give them hand and eye coordination skills!

 Giving a child goals at an early age is a good thing so that they want to improve, and when they do it’s a good idea to offer them lots of praise! It’s even better when us parents join in with them too!

To get your child involved in Athletix Kidz contact Sarah on 0845 519 5591 or email

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