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Smiley For Life

Muddy says: Sometimes life can be hard for a kid – and that’s where Lisa Parkes comes in. She’s made it her business to ensure there are fewer misunderstood, sad, lonely, hurting children in the world, and more happy, confident and emotionally resilient ones.

If you are looking for somebody to help your child make the most out of life and see all the amazingness that they are, then you’re in the right place.

Lisa Parkes is a life coach for kids, and her goal is to help children see the magic in their life and to show them that they have everything they need inside of them to make that magic happen.

Lisa makes it her business to ensure that there are fewer misunderstood, sad, lonely hurting children in the world, and more happy, confident and emotionally resilient ones.

Smiley Coaching is for children aged 9 and up. Lisa also offers Creative Coaching Workshops for children aged 7-10 years old.

Lisa uses tried-and-tested life coaching techniques and creates fun, magical and practical tools to help make growing up that little bit easier. She will help your child discover:

  • the secrets to self confidence
  • the art of relaxation and positive thinking
  • an attitude of gratitude
  • a greater self awareness
  • emotional resilience (get to grips with those big scary emotions like anger, anxiety and sadness).

“We can’t make life more certain or the world safer, but we can give children the tools to manage and bounce back from it.”

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