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  • A parents’ guide to giving kids a straighter smile

    So you think your child might need braces - but where do you start? Is it best to have them fitted as a child? Or in the teenage years? Smile 101 Orthodontic Centre in Guildford have this advice.

  • Your health questions answered!

    Don’t understand why the weight won’t shift? Have a back that’s reminiscent of Quasimodo? Muddy puts your questions to Healthily’s chief medical officer, Professor Maureen Baker

  • Considering divorce? When’s the right time?

    When is the right time to file for divorce, and what should you do before you start proceedings? We asked divorce and family lawyer Claire O'Flinn for advice.

  • Review: Thrive in 5

    If you fancy getting your fitness fix from your front room, you'll love the online Thrive in 5 programme from Surrey fitness trainer Lucinda Newman-Jones. You'll feel fitter, stronger and healthier - and a bit smug at working out 5 times a week!

  • How to cope when a loved-one dies

    Dealing with bereavement is hard enough, without also having to consider the administrative side of things. Here law firm Bishop and Sewell offer some advice for navigating these sometimes tricky waters.

  • What not to do if your spouse is having an affair

    As tempting as it might be to dump the contents of your spouse's wardrobe on the doorstep, or sell off their prized wine collection - don't, advises family lawyer Claire O'Flinn. Here she explains why these things are a big no-no.

  • Why runners should also do Pilates

    The benefits of Pilates are widely known - improved flexibility, muscle strength and balance. And if you're a runner, it's the perfect partner - just ask Pilates instructor and runner Sara Rounce.

  • Surrogacy: How to begin your journey

    Surrogacy. It's emotional, fraught and legally complex. But for people who are unable to start a family the traditional way, it can be their only option. Victoria Maxwell, a solicitor at Bishop and Sewell talks us through the legal side of it.

  • Do your parents need more help?

    A mixture of parental pride and pandemic induced distance has made it more difficult to spot signs that your parents need help. Here are 8 questions you need to ask, thanks to elderly care experts Age Space.

  • Strength training and why it’s brilliant

    Strength training is incredible for your health with benefits including better brainpower, stronger bones and reduced risk of disease. Read on to find out more, including how to join a brilliant at-home strength and fitness course designed by a Surrey fitness expert.

  • Seven steps to beat insomnia

    Can't get no sleep? You're not alone. For National Sleep Day (19 March) we chatted to a sleep expert about how to improve our Z-time. Try these top tips.

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