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7 reasons kids should do martial arts

One of the most obvious reasons to get your child involved in martial arts is for the physical activity. But this sporting discipline also teaches valuable life lessons. Here's a taster.

Learning a martial art like kick boxing is more than just a method of self defence and a means to kicking ass. There are many psychological and physical benefits of getting involved in martial arts – from increased confidence to greater self-respect. We caught up with the team behind top Surrey martial arts school – Martial X Academy – to find out seven great reasons you should consider getting your kids involved.

Reason 1./ It builds confidence

Learning martial arts teaches body awareness and self defence technique and increases fitness – so it’s unsurprising that those who learn the practice also benefit from a boost in confidence. But the social aspects, too, will help grow confidence – it’s most often taught in a group setting and often great friendships are formed. Martial Arts also provides a powerful mentality mindset as well as focus which hugely improves a feeling of confidence and self esteem.


Reason 2./ It teaches discipline

The practise of martial arts involves kicks, punches and blocks so it stands to reason that a high level of concentration, attention and discipline is required. It’s usual for this to extend from the practice into everyday life. Most clubs will teach ethos alongside the physical teachings of Martial Arts which include perseverance, intensity, focus which all have discipline lying at the base of them.


Reason 3./ It’s good for fitness

As well as general fitness, martial arts is good for balance and will enhance motor skills and agility – teaching kids how to carry their bodies with swift and nimble movements. Martial Arts is a fantastic way to tone up, increase stamina and cardio, lose weight and gain flexibility. With so many different muscles used during drills, warm ups and stretches – it’s a fully body workout at each session


Reason 4./ It teaches respect

Martial arts is steeped in a history of respect, and at schools like the Martial X Academy it’s one of the fundamentals – teaching the value of respect, both to yourself and your peers. Boys and girls train together at Martial X Academy, and this teaches respect and equality. It is so important to respect yourself as well as others, and Martial Arts will allow you to earn the utmost respect for your perseverance and tenacity whilst working your way through the belt system on your black belt journey.

Reason 5./ It teaches perseverance

Students who learn martial arts at schools like Martial X Academy follow a structured programme that includes gradings from white belt up to black belt. Learning a martial art isn’t easy, and the way drills and techniques are put together requires effort and tenacity, with perseverance becoming a fast by-product which is then rewarded tenfold when moving up to the next belt at Gradings.


Reason 6./ It improves focus and listening

Martial arts teaches children to focus on the task at hand while improving their listening and reaction skills at the same time. They also learn to find their own voice – speaking up in the class environment.


Reason 7./ It can help with stress and anxiety

While the physical aspects of martial arts training make it a great outlet for stress and anxiety, one of the greatest benefits is psychological thanks to the discipline and confidence aspects.


But it’s not just for kids – adults benefit in all the same ways while also gaining from improved agility, flexibility, weight loss and improved strength among other things.


Martial X Academy offers Ninja Tots classes for children aged 18months-4; Little Ninjas for children aged 4-6; Junior classes for kids aged 6-13; and Teen and Adult classes – covering a fully graded kickboxing syllabus, martial forms and gymnastics, stunt training, plus flips and tricks. Classes are held in Dorking, Leatherhead, Fetcham and Woking.


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