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Find your fitness mojo

If you need help finding your fitness motivation after a long summer and lazy lockdown, here are some top tips from some of our favourite fitness pros.

If you lost your fitness mojo during lockdown, now is a great time to dig it out again. Kids are back to school, the blazing heat of summer has made way for mild autumn days and we’re getting back into new routines. So no excuse.

But to help kick-start things we’ve tapped up our favourite Surrey fitness experts for their top tips for finding our fitness mojo.

Girl running outdoors

Make it fun

Emily at Whoop Fitness and Wellbeing says exercise has to be enjoyable or you just won’t keep it up. 

“September can bring new starts, new motivations. The kids have gone back to school, some of life is returning to normal, we can finally get our hair done, and it just feel like an opportunity to start afresh right?! 

“But there’s only so much your motivation can do on its own. If your new plans don’t include fun, you just won’t stick to it. 

“We’re all different and what one person finds brilliant, another will see as torture but that’s the joy of the variety of sport! Whether your thang is bootcamp in the rain, running as far or as fast as you can, boxing to get all your stress out, dancing and shaking your booty, or acing that serve, find the things that make your soul smile! 

“Then instead of finding you need to start afresh in January, you’ll have found a whole new way of life – a hobby and self care!”

Mix it up

Yoga and Stand-up Paddleboard yoga teacher, Dee Opp, suggests spicing up your exercise routine by trying something different. Take a plunge into the pool instead of a gym session or try a fitness class you haven’t done before.

fitness, skipping, exercise

Take it outside

Adele Smyth at Purebody by Adele suggests getting your exercise outside in the fresh air.

“I am so happy that we can exercise outside!  It’s been a tough few months for us all and for me, exercise has truly kept me going.

Taking your exercise outside is great in so many ways. Your body will benefit from the extra sun and Vitamin D, the air is cleaner, and often when we’re outside, we work a lot harder without even knowing it.

Social distancing is easier in an outside space, plus it’s free and always open – so you can head outside whenever it suits you. And, the outside is never boring; it’s just waiting for you to discover it so that you can join in the fun!

Find your strength

Sara Rounce is a Pilates instructor and founder of The Wellwoman Fitness Foundation near Haslemere. She says it’s important to include strength training in your exercise programme.

“It’s vital to maintain strength in the body because stronger muscles lead to stronger bones. This becomes more relevant as we age and bone mass starts to decline. One of the most important elements of Pilates is strength-building exercises to help you live longer, better and to avoid conditions such as osteoporosis.

At The Wellwoman Fitness Foundation, we offer a specific bone health program (Buff Bones) which also incorporates strength exercises into all classes and personal training programs.

Sweat it out

Laura Hedges, from The Hot Yoga Club in Staines-upon-Thames, says the that with the cooler autumn days, there’s no better time to heat things up and head into a hot yoga class.

“Hot yoga feels great all year round, but when the temperature starts to drop outside and you take that first step inside the hot studio, it a wonderful experience. The feeling of the heat soaking into your bones, muscles and joints, the warmth in your lungs as you breathe deeply and start to relax… you will leave feeling amazing.”

fitness gear, trainers, weights, water

Find a routine

Franki Lovely from The Thames Club in Staines-upon-Thames says finding and maintaining a routine will help you get your fitness mojo back. “Our daily lives have undoubtedly changed and now is the time to re-assemble some form of normality and routine. Leisure environments have been found to be one of the cleanest and safest places to be so it’s a great time to get back into the gym and build your routine again. Have your body stats measured and an exercise plan created for you – the instructors at a good gym will guide and motivate you every step of the way when trying to re-build your routine and get back to regular exercise.”

Stretch it out

Naomi Coombes, studio manger at the The Yoga Bar in Twickenham, says that with busy work schedules – and long periods hunched over your desk – it’s important to keep your body moving.

“Moving and connecting with your body has never been more important. Regular stretching throughout the day can alleviate so many ailments, as well as having a few moments of bliss, headspace and time out just for you. Prevent injuries from all those home workouts, support your joints and increase mobility. Stretch now, benefit later!”

Get your heart pumping

Any exercise class that gets your heart rate up, will leave you feeling fabulous say the team at Ride Studio in Cobham.

A cardio workout will strengthen your heart and muscles, burns calories, and releases feel-good endorphins so leaves you feeling fabulous. It also helps to prevent high blood pressure and heart disease, and helps you sleep better at night.

Don’t forget your core

Working your core muscles is important for well-rounded fitness, improving balance, stability and strength. It’s also benefits your breathing, and your posture say the team at Core Cobham. And Pilates is great at working your core muscles – both on the mat and in a reformer Pilates class.

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