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How to love yourself

If you sometimes lack confidence and are in need of a pep talk, you'll love these words of wisdom from health and wellness coach Emily Watson.

A lot of us struggle with self acceptance and loving our body for what it is – and it’s not just normal people like you and me – celebrities have body issues too.
Sam Smith, the soul singer, spoke up about his personal body image struggles a few days ago, posting a shirtless picture of himself on Instagram to ‘reclaim his body’.
Closer to home, Emily Watson, owner and founder of Surrey-based Whoop Fitness and Wellbeing, has been championing the ‘accept yourself’ cause for some time. The award-winning fitness instructor – who has a degree and masters in psychology – is passionate about empowering people to feel fabulous in the skin they are in. She wants to inspire women and men to love who they are and know their value.
Here, Emily talks more about why we should all embrace who we are and how to do it …
To all the people out there trying to love your body in a world full of guilt trip advertising and sly messages to dull your self worth, I salute you!
Unfortunately, sales techniques targeting our low self worth, work!  And even advertising with slogans seeming to boost us, have underlying messages that purchasing their products will make us more beautiful/slimmer/less wrinkled/younger/perfect and therefore happy! 
We’re finally realising the negative impact on the younger generation but what about the impact on us adults?!  My mummy has always been insecure about her body!  Even my youthful, vivacious, fashionable 86-year-old nan complains about her body! 
The fitness and health world are generally about visual ‘results’ with their before and after pictures with extra makeup, hair done, big smile and more flattering angles! 
It’s time to stop!
It’s time for us to be mindful of our own thoughts and opinions and what effects us!  It’s time to realise there’s only one you in the world!  That you were created uniquely and only you can be you!  So do your 90-year-old self a favour and realise your beauty, your potential, your gifts now!  Have no regrets! 
Start to be aware of your thoughts about yourself.  We all have an inner dialogue and this is sometimes called ‘self talk’.  So don’t worry, you’re not going mad and you’re not the only one!  Our self talk consists of our ‘inner critic’ and our ‘inner cheerleader’.  Unfortunately the inner critic is easier to hear and believe.  But often we wouldn’t say these things even to our worst enemy!  We can be really cruel to ourselves!  And these inner critic comments are fed by the negative advertising and media messages! 
Two things to start trying now to help stop listening to the inner critic?
1 – Every time you say something negative, notice it, stop and think ‘where did that come from?’, ‘what would I say if someone said that to my best friend?’ then challenge it asking yourself ‘what evidence is there of that?’ and flip the thought into something a little more positive!  
As you get into the habit, get more and more positive about yourself!  See what happens!  
2 – Start to give yourself a break.  Notice what helps you to feel refuelled and happy.  Remember that you can’t give out on empty so it’s not selfish to refuel.  And try to enjoy every second instead of feeling guilty!  
Let’s be role models and revolutionise self worth! 

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