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Muddy gets fit and *ahem* fabulous


Ok, so I’m not really one for gyms. I like exercise – I run fairly regularly and do yoga – but gyms and me don’t seem to get along. It’s a combination of things that puts me off: the posy posers, all that complicated equipment, the noise, the sweat, the testosterone, the monotony.

But a personal trainer? That’s a different matter. I’ve got friends who would walk over hot coals for their personal trainers. One in particular has been seeing hers for several years, and would sell her aunty before she’d give up her weekly session. I can see where she’s coming from. Aside from having someone to get the Muddy butt moving, a personal trainer knows how to train clever – not just hard. And a PT really worth their salt, will also advise on nutrition, expectations and general wellbeing.


With the Rio Olympics and a summer of indulgence behind me, I reckon I could do with some of that. Plus I’m not sure how effective my twice-or-thrice weekly plods actually are.

So I went to see the lovely chaps at Field of Fitness in Guildford to see if I needed to up my game, and to find out how fit – or, er, flabby – I really am. Field of Fitness is run by personal trainers Dan Oliver and Jon Field, from their private training studio in central Guildford.


The first thing you need to know about them is that they’re both thoroughly lovely guys, and not in any way scary. The second thing is that their gym, I mean, private training studio, is immaculate. It’s small, and perfectly formed; a long way from the traditional gym. It’s a boutique gym – and the kind of place I’d work out. Not a whiff of testosterone to be be had, and all the other worker-outers (yup, it’s a word, I looked it up) are all perfectly normal and totally in proportion. No bulging biceps here.

And the third thing you should know, is that these two are passionate about education in exercise – training smart, not hard; having realistic goals; and getting the basics right. If that means I can run less, for more gain –  count me in!

We started with a fitness assessment to establish a baseline to work from – and areas I need to improve on, starting with the obvious stats: age, height, weight, body measurements, blood pressure, resting heart rate, then moving on to body fat, water percentage, BMR, and other such measurements of body composition.

I won’t bore you with the numbers, but we discovered my fat percentage was slightly out of range, and not in a good way – but hey, a girl’s gotta enjoy life (and Sauv), right? A tweak to my diet and I’d notice a difference, according to Jon.

Next it was time to work up a sweat. And guess what, the running IS paying off: I have a really efficient recovery. BUT – Jon suggests I push myself out of my comfort zone, away from my steady plod, upping the intensity and adding intervals or hill reps. (Darn, I do quite like my comfort zone!)


The fitness test took the best part of an hour, and also showed that my posture is pretty good, but that my core muscles need some attention. Some basic homework drills were assigned. Strength wise, I didn’t expect much – being a bit puny in the upper arms. But – gold star for me – Jon was happy with my press-up technique AND my strength. Who knew!

And following Jon’s advice, I’ve stopped mainlining Sauv and started running faster up hills, while also working on those core muscles. Mover over Jen Aniston. (If I can keep this up) I’m going to be fabulously fit over 40 too!

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2 comments on “Muddy gets fit and *ahem* fabulous”

  • Jane Dyer September 30, 2016

    You’ve inspired me! But would these guys accept someone who is totally unfit (I don’t run or anything), i need to start from scratch.

    • amberevans September 30, 2016

      Believe me Jane, I’m not fit! These guys are fab. And the best bit is they’re clever too, so you get the most out of every bit of effort.


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