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The ultimate fat burner

Looking for the ultimate fat burner? Muddy's Alice Ridsdale booked a Rhythm Ride! class at Ride! in Cobham. Her legs were like jelly by the end, but boy did she have fun.


Ride! Studio Cobham is a boutique fitness hub offering a range of spinning, boxing, TRX, Hiit and yoga classes.

Rhythm Ride! is a 45-minute spinning workout that creates maximum cardio- vascular output, working your whole body. The choreographed drills that match the beat of the music aim to burn between 300 – 500 calories. The only catch? You most definitely feel the burn but as every great athlete will tell you, ‘no pain no gain.’


Lisa Greer set up her studio after relocating to the UK from America and founded Ride! after struggling to find a cycling class in the UK that gave her the same level of motivation to excel. I’m convinced that she must have been a motivational speaker in a past life because if anyone could make you believe that you can keep going when you’re exhausted, it’s her!  Instead of the regimented style of instructing that has put me off spinning classes before, she positively encourages the class. With her charismatic bubbly can-do attitude and fab taste in music, you really do feel like anything is possible.



Located directly above Carluccio’s on Cobham High Street, it’s made up of three separate studios, the TRX studio, yoga studio and the main riding studio. The studio is super stylish, with inspirational quotes hanging on the wall, reminding you just why you came.


On entering, I was assigned a bike, two hand weights and a towel. *Hint* you’re going to leave looking like a hot mess (probably not the good kind).  Once I mounted my bike Lisa made sure that everyone was comfortable, adjusting any necessary saddle heights before the music starts and the madness begins.

The class consists of hill drills where the resistance goes up and up and up, which builds your endurance and works those leg muscles to the absolute max. They’re tough but with funky tunes and Lisa’s motivational quotes reminding you to ‘attack Monday’ and ‘detox to retox’ it is definitely doable. These are combined with bursts of sprints, focusing on pushing your speed to the limit and giving it your all.

With Lisa’s infectious energy and dance moves both on and off the bike it was impossible not to enjoy myself. The dim lighting and music ranging from 80’s rap to the latest remixed tunes gave the room a nightclub vibe adding to the fun of the experience and helping to get you in the zone.

When Lisa announced in her American accent ‘now it’s time for a break’ I must admit I felt a little relieved. However, from the laughter that filled the room and her inverted commas gesture, I soon realised that this was not the kind of break I was used to. We were instructed to pick up the hand weights and do a selection of upper body exercises, such as bicep curls and triceps kickbacks. I loved this section of the class as it worked your arms, core and legs all at the same time, creating the ultimate whole-body workout.

Each bike has sensors which records data, such as distance covered, heart rate and calories burned, and this gets sent to your email at the end of the class. Data is also displayed on big screens in front of the class enabling you to see your performance relative to others in the class. The screen colour fluctuates from blue to red depending on your performance. I was by far the lower end of the performance scale, but when there’s a sea of red screens and your screen is the only one that remains orange, it’s almost impossible not to peddle harder.

I left the class 305 calories lighter, with my endorphins flying, feeling energised and ready to attack my day. It felt great!


The bikes have a dual sided pedal, so you can wear cycling shoes or supportive trainers. I’d recommend wearing moisture absorbing gym gear to ensure you stay dry and cool.



Good for? Those who like blitzing calories with high intensity and hard-core workouts with an all or nothing attitude.

Not for? The faint hearted.

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