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  • 6 ways to get the best sleep you’ve ever had

    Do you struggle to snooze? We’ve nobbled the pros at Healthily for the latest scientific thinking on how to conquer insomnia. Cue, walnuts, pink noise - and orgasms.

  • Smile! Six fun facts that will get you grinning

    National Smile Month - the name itself brings a curve to your lips, doesn't it?! From 16 May - 16 June and it's all about promoting a happy & healthy smile. Keen to join in, we've found 6 fun facts to make you smile.

  • Ready for bed? 7 top buys for a restful sleep

    In celebration of World Sleep Day, here are our top shopping picks, from pillows and candles to sheets to sliders. If these don't help you reach the land of nod, nothing will!!

  • How Pilates can help see you through the menopause

    Struggling with the symptoms of the menopause? Surrey Pilates instructor and health coach Lisa Hawkins says Pilates is the answer. And here's why.

  • Are you in a toxic relationship?

    If you've seen the popular Netflix series 'Maid' you'll know that domestic abuse is not always about black eyes and bruises. As top UK family lawyer Claire O'Flinn explains, abuse comes in all guises.

  • Let’s talk about menopause: 10 things you need to know

    Anxiety, sleep problems, hot flushes, low energy, weight gain ... could this be the menopause? Here are 10 things we should all know about menopause, thanks to Sara Rounce from The Wellwoman Fitness Foundation.

  • Hypnotherapy for relaxation

    Heard of hypnosis? And I don't mean the kind that makes you do wacky things, like you see on the telly? Hypnotherapy can help with anxiety, stress, and plenty more. Muddy went to de-stress.

  • Your health questions answered!

    Don’t understand why the weight won’t shift? Have a back that’s reminiscent of Quasimodo? Muddy puts your questions to Healthily’s chief medical officer, Professor Maureen Baker

  • Seven steps to beat insomnia

    Can't get no sleep? You're not alone. For National Sleep Day (19 March) we chatted to a sleep expert about how to improve our Z-time. Try these top tips.

  • WFH a pain in the neck? We’ve got your back

    Only got minutes to spare but heading towards a dowager's hump? We've got your back. Here's seven quick and easy exercises to keep you out of the physios.

  • Low mood > depression > and how to tackle it

    One in five people reading this feature will be suffering from some form of depression. Here's how to spot the signs and help yourself and those you love.

  • The only 5 resolutions you need to keep in 2021

    January is traditionally a time for making ridiculous promises and then feeling shame by failing to keep them. Not this year: we’ve been through enough.

  • How to get better sleep

    So you've downed a chamomile tea and ignored your phone but still can't get to sleep. Sound familiar? Read on for our guide to getting some Z's during lockdown.

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