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Holistic healing

Complementary therapies are popular in the UK, often used alongside conventional medicine to help ease symptoms or to improve health and wellbeing. Here's a guide to some of the therapies available, and how they can help.

A holistic approach to health and happiness focuses on healing the whole person – the mind, body and soul. But there are more holistic and complementary therapies being offered these days than you can shake a stick at – from acupuncture to reiki and everything in between. But what are these therapies, and what will they achieve. Check out our guide thanks to The Olive Tree Natural Therapy Rooms in Haslemere.


Acupuncture is an ancient form of healing developed in China more than 2,000 years ago which treats the body as a whole and not just the symptoms in isolation. Your acupuncturist will insert a very fine needle into acupuncture points located along the channels where the energy, life force or qi flow freely.  Each channel is connected to an organ.  When the energy is flowing freely and smoothly along these channels the body is balanced and in good form.  If the energy becomes stagnant or deficient the body loses its balance and can become ill.


Bowen technique

The Bowen Technique is a soft tissue, hands on, remedial therapy which promotes healing and pain relief. Rolling type moves are applied to precise points on muscles, ligaments, tendons and fascia. These moves stimulate receptors that connect, through nerve lines, the brain directly to the area of the problem which then starts the repair process or self healing. Bowen treats the whole body and can help alleviate the pain and discomfort of many problems and injuries including back, neck and pelvic pain, stress, headaches and migraines and pregnancy issues.


Crystal healing

Energy healing is a holistic therapy that works on the whole body and assists the natural processes of the body to heal and restore balance. These sessions are suitable for all and support all aspects of healing, they are deeply relaxing, ease anxiety, bring in clarity and help the body to release. They support during life challenges, transforming old patterns and help us to embody more of our limitless self. Crystal healing is energy work that uses the specific ability of crystals to hold frequency; crystals can absorb, emit and focus energy. Crystal healing promotes relaxation, eases anxiety, helps the body release and find clarity.


Dowser and light energy healing

Everyone has a life force that drives them physically, mentally and emotionally – and this healing practice works within a person’s energy field to create balance when it might be blocked, disrupted or inefficient. The natural healing, via balancing through the seven major Chakras and by cleansing the Auric layers, usings an ability to channel universal and spiritually guided energy that works on physical, mental and spiritual levels.


Infrared Sauna Therapy

The gentle heat from an Infrared Sauna penetrates your body and raises your internal temperature. This triggers a deep and cleansing sweat that eliminates toxins, chemicals and fat. Benefits include detoxification, skin rejuvenation, improved sleep, stress relief, weight loss, muscle and joint pain relief, improved cardio health and a boost to the immune system.



Systematic kinesiology uses simple, safe and painless muscle testing to detect and rectify imbalances within the body. It helps get to the root causes and does not just deal with the symptoms of a problem. Kinesiology uses specialised lymphatic massage, nutrition, energy reflexes (using gentle acupressure), and emotional releasing, and the body’s responses are used to determine the course of a session. It can be used to treat many symptoms including anxiety and depression, allergies, asthma, digestive issues, lethargy, pain, stress, and more.


Life coach

If you feel you’ve lost your way, a life coach will help map out your goals and help you work out the best way to make them happen. This will help you gain clarity and re-gain control, as well as helping reduce stress.



Reflexology is a complementary therapy that works on the feet to help heal the whole person, and not just the prevailing symptoms. Reflexology may be used to restore and maintain the body’s natural equilibrium. This gentle therapy encourages the body to work naturally to restore its own healthy balance. It can be effective in the treatment of back pain, headaches and migraines, sleep disorders, sports injuries, fertility issues, hormonal imbalances, digestive disorders and stress-related conditions.

Feet massage



Reiki is Japanese for ‘universal life energy’, and is a simple Japanese energy-balancing method used by hundreds of thousands of people all over the world. The Usui system of Reiki healing is a hands-on healing practice that enables the energy to be channelled through the practitioner’s hands and is effective in enhancing physical health as well as promoting mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. Reiki promotes the body’s own healing process to help bring relief from any ailment.  Treatments are very relaxing and soothing and will provide you with comfort and ease.


RejuvaLymph programme

The RejuvaLymph programme is a painless and relaxing treatment that helps the lymph system clear stubborn toxic build up in the body. It can help treat cellulite and weight problems, lymphedema, circulation, fibromyalgia, water retention, muscle aches and pains, bloating, headaches, fatigue and digestive issues.


Sound therapy and and Rahanni healing

Sound therapy is an empowering experience that gives the mind, body, soul and spirit opportunity to find healing, wisdom, joy and bliss. While it’s now becoming popular in the West, it is actually an ancient practice involving sound and vibrations that will ease you into a deep meditative, relaxed state. In this state stress hormones decrease and that’s important because stress can depress every aspect of the immune system. You will leave feeling restored, re-balanced and relaxed.


Sports and remedial massage

Massage is a treatment which aims to relax, revive and heal the body using manual hands-on manipulation of the soft tissues and muscles in the body.


Wellbeing therapist and coach

True well-being comes when we have balance in our physical, mental, spiritual and emotional bodies – and a therapist can help you achieve that. By understanding your goals and stressors, through discussion and experience in sessions, you can develop a toolbox of skills and awareness to use to increase your well-being every day. You’ll increase your mindful awareness and reduce fear, worry and ill-health.


The Olive Tree Natural Therapy Rooms, 69A Wey Hill, Haslemere, GU27 1HN



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