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How to live well

Stress, diet, lack of exercise. We can all lead a healthier life. Freddie Watkins from Cobham's boutique 225 Club tells us how.

Are you a yo-yo dieter? Have you signed up to Dry January to get over the excesses of the festive season? Or are you just slogging along, getting through each day with whatever energy you can muster?

Health and wellbeing is as important as ever, and lifestyle and habit have a huge part to play in this. But we can all live healthier lives.  Freddie Watkins, founder, owner and lead personal trainer at Cobham’s boutique fitness club The 225 Club, says it’s important to carve out a some time for yourself each week. Do this, he says, and the amazing physical and mental health benefits that will ripple through all aspects of your life. Here are his top tips for achieving a healthier lifestyle.

Make exercise a priority

Exercise is well known for giving us not only a healthier body, but also a happy and healthier mindset. The extent to which you invest in yourself not only shapes the way you interact with the outside world, it often reflects the opinion you have of yourself. Your future is in a large part determined by your willingness and ability to invest in yourself now, as you are actively planning for a better quality of life, both personally and professionally. There are so many different exercise classes on offer these days, from HIIT (high intensity interval training) and boxing workouts to yoga and barre.

Improve your diet

We all know what we should do here. Drink less booze and caffeine, and gulp down a lot more water. Cut down on sugars and fats, and eat more vegetables and whole foods. It’s quite simple really. That doesn’t mean you have to cut cakes and pastries from your diet altogether – it’s all about getting the right balance.

Reduce stress

It is not easy for most people to find the time for wellness, which is why it is so important that you make the time for it. Don’t overcommit yourself, and do something you enjoy every day. Try to schedule gym trips and wellness activities such as yoga or meditation in the same way you would a business meeting; ensuring the time is blocked out in your diary and immoveable, your body – and your mind – will thank you later.

Get more sleep

It sounds so simple – and yet so many of us struggle to get enough sleep.  Help yourself out with this by having a regular bedtime routine; going to bed and getting up at consistent time each day; getting enough exercise; avoiding caffeine late in the day; and practising relaxation techniques. Oh, and sometimes you just have to step away from your latest Netflix addiction and shut off your phone!

The 225 Club is offering 10 per cent off memberships with no joining fee throughout January – so now is a brilliant time to start investing in you. The club has a dedicated Wellness Club for women, as well as a Wellness Centre which offers nutritional consultations, massage, holistic therapy, osteopathy and hypnotherapy. Visit the website or call 01932 590030 for more information.

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