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Interior design is not about simply creating beautiful interiors. Helen McClure from Godalming-based At Home by Design offers thoughtful and tailored interior design services – where tradition meets innovation.

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Beautiful rooms are lovely – but there’s a whole lot more to design than simply the aesthetics.

Helen McClure, is the designer behind At Home by Design, a boutique interior design studio in the Surrey Hills, that takes a 360 approach to design. A specialist in heritage properties, she believes in protecting the past while creating functionality for the future.

This is achieved by blending the unique characteristics of a property, with practical solutions for modern living. The results are bespoke elegant interiors with personality.

Inspired by living in the US, South East Asia and the Middle East, Helen has developed a deep understanding of the influence of colour and culture. She is a master in creatively curating the right tones for your project, by understanding the impact of colour psychology. It’s a powerful tool that influences mood and emotional wellbeing.

However, whether you’re renovating or building an extension, interior design doesn’t start when the paint is about to go on the wall. If you’re looking to ensure your interiors support the way you live, and work as hard as the bricks and mortar, the planning starts when an architect is engaged.

So, if you’re looking for an interiors expert who marries tradition with innovation, and can support you through the process from concept to reality, At Home by Design has the answers.


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