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Wouldn't you though?

Get ready to buff those windows! Just kidding, it's a fragrance not a window cleaner. First Donald Trump and now this. The world's gone mad.

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Muddy reviews: Brighton’s i360

23 Aug 2016
By Kevin Meredith

I heard about the recent opening of the shiny new i360 in Brighton — the world’s slenderest building — otherwise known as, ‘that big tower with the doughnut up it’. And as it’s a perfect day-trip away for us Surrey folk I hurried to chat about it with Muddy Sussex, aka Debbie who knows all there is to know about that particular stretch of the south coast. Sure enough, she’s already been up it — lucky thing — and here’s what she thought and some exclusive first piccies…

Opinion has been divided at Chez Muddy, and frankly in my own head, over the project, as it has been in Brighton itself.

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Day tripper: A walk and a splash at Box Hill

17 Aug 2016

Looking for somewhere to take the bratlets these summer holidays that won’t break the bank and gets them outside taking in a bit of fresh air and sunshine? (Okay, if they’re at all like my tweenie they may be glued to their smartphones for a bit of Poke-hunting – Grrr!)

But right now I’ll take that. So, I give you *drum roll* Box Hill, near Dorking. Okay, okay, I know it’s hardly a little-known destination as far as Surrey days out go, but I went recently after a long absence and I figured that if it had fallen off my radar, it may have fallen off yours as well.

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Muddy eats: Corretto in Godalming

17 Aug 2016

Very excited to tell you about Corretto bar in Godalming. I’m forever on the trail of funky places that do things a little bit differently, and this bar has its cool credentials up in lights. It romped it in as best bar in the Muddy Awards, which probably tells you something right there.

It opened at the end of last October offering coffee by day and cocktails by night, alongside a decent wine list, craft beers and ciders, and some of the best tapas I’ve ever eaten.

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My Favourite Places: Stu Henshall

17 Aug 2016

Stu Henshall’s The Alternative Kitchen is bringing street food from around the world into your kitchen with ideas to make dishes your own whatever you do and don’t eat. Stu Henshall was a contestant on 2015’s The Great British Bake Off and has been giving food demos and talks since his move from a touring musician to proper foodie. He’s also going to be back on the telly, in his own series called The Alternative Kitchen.

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Honey for tea at Foxhills

8 Aug 2016

This week it’s National Afternoon Tea week – and I can’t think of any better reason than that to scoff cakes and cream teas and have nice drinkies in a fancy-pants hotel. *Cough* Not that I need an excuse.

As the Muddy middle will attest, I’ve had my fair share of afternoon teas – and recently I spent a delightful afternoon feasting on the cakes and scones at Foxhills, the swanky country club and resort in Ottershaw.

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Muddy review: Children of Eden at the Harlequin Theatre, Redhill

5 Aug 2016

Ok, so whenever I see a stage production that involves kids – whether it’s in the West End or at my kids’ school – I cry. Most of the time I don’t even know the kids on the stage, so imagine how I might be if my own kids were up there.

Last night it was no different at the opening night of Children of Eden, a production by YESOS, the youth musical theatre group of Redhill and Reigate.

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Beauty spot gets bigger in Guildford

3 Aug 2016

Interesting happenings in Guildford – *collective gasp* ooooooooh!

Nothing as scandalous as a burgeoning husband-swapping scene (to my knowledge!) but some beauty moves and changes on the high street. Truth be told, I’m actually a little behind the eight-ball on this, as the launch was a couple of weeks ago. But I figured if I was, maybe you were too.

You’ll know already about Mary Ann Weeks at Aveda, the hair and beauty salon, but you might not know that now it’s expanded and opened an Aveda spa and wellness studio on the same premises.

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Muddy stands tall and beats bad posture

1 Aug 2016


So, here’s the thing. I don’t like to moan – no really, I don’t – but recently I’ve been a bit achey in my shoulders and neck. My usual trick of fizzing a Solpadeine into a big glass of water can only be relied upon for a couple of days, because it’s a bit addictive and you’re not supposed to have them for more than three on the trot. And there’s only so much medicinal gin a girl can drink in the evening before the contents of one’s recycling box get the neighbours all a twitter.

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Get your teenagers working!

27 Jul 2016

This is just a quick post to tell you about a very cool website that recently launched in Surrey. Parents of teenagers, you are going to love me for telling you about it! This’ll get their lazy butts off the sofa and out earning some dosh so they’re not always snarfing your last tenner.

The website is called Job Squeak (love that name – jobs for pipsqueaks, no?) and it has just launched in the Redhill and Reigate areas.

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