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Wouldn't you though?

Fancy some new spring arm candy? You can't add Ryan Gosling to the online basket, but you can get your mitts on this brilliant tote that comes with a clutch and a purse too. Taking you from daytime to playtime.

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Muddy reviews: The Twits

6 Apr 2017

I’m just back from seeing The Twits at the Rose Theatre in Kingston and I’ve got two things to tell you about it.

Numero uno: The Twits really are an awful pair – repulsive, disgusting and pretty ghastly. They’re not nice to each other, and they’re even worse to those around them – especially the monkey Muggle Wumps.

Numero deux: They provide brilliant comedic material for kids – and their parents. From the beer guzzling at breakfast and the brown stains on Mr Twit’s Y-fronts to Mrs Twit’s earthworm pasta and delightful leopard-print leggings, there’s a lot to make you groan about these two.

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Just Women on Brooklands Radio

6 Apr 2017

I was lucky enough to be invited back on to the Just Women programme at Brooklands Radio this week. It’s a fabulous show on every Tuesday between 1-2pm, with a host of interesting, intriguing and inspiring women as their guests. (Don’t say a word people – I’m *ahem* intriguing at least!)

Anyway, I was on the show about a year ago – and managed to get through 20 minutes of live radio without saying a single naughty word. Not one! I’m pretty sure that’s why they asked me back.

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Get em outdoors!

5 Apr 2017

As a draconian, evil mother who tries to limit my kids’ screen time (boo! hiss!), I’m all for getting children active in the fresh air, moving something more than just their thumbs. But it can be hard to get kids motivated to get outside, so I asked the sporty types at Athletix Kidz – a Surrey-based athletics play programme for kids aged 2 ½ to 7 years old – for their top tips on how to get kids moving.

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Muddy reviews: Wonderland

3 Apr 2017

Apparently, Wonderland is “an enchanting musical adaptation of Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass. You might think this is just the ticket for an Easter holiday outing with the kids. There’s even a bunny!

But, actually it isn’t. Sure, the bonkers characters are all there. And the magical underland. But gone is the 10-year-old Alice. She’s has been completely restyled for this modern take, and she’s now a single mother with a teenage daughter and an emotionally abusive ex-husband. She lives in a block of high-rise flats and, when we’re introduced, she’s lamenting the fact her ex has just remarried, her car has just been stolen, and she’s lost her job. Oh. And it’s her 40th birthday.

No. This is not, on the face of it, a storyline for kids. And yet, my 10-year-old daughter loved it.

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Super flashy newsflash

1 Apr 2017

LINE UP ANNOUNCED: Always the Sun Festival

Always The Sun has announced the headlining acts at the festival at Guildford’s Stoke Park in September. Irish mod rockers The Strypes are headlining on Friday 8 Sep, London electronic rockers Public Service Broadcasting (left) are the top act on Saturday, and on Sunday it’s former Bombay Bicycle Club vocalist Lucy Rose. Also confirmed are Dreadzone, Grapefruit Moon, Idles, Infinity Orchestra, Inheaven Meadowlark, Palm Honey, Sapphire, Tall Ships, TRAAMS, Trudy and the Romance, The UP!

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Muddy meets Mr and Mrs Twit

29 Mar 2017

Squeals of excitement when we heard The Twits were coming to The Rose Theatre in Kingston this Easter. Roald Dahl’s funny story of this spiteful and vindictive couple who live together in their windowless house with the Muggle-Wumps, a family of pet monkeys who they’re not very nice to, has long been a favourite in the Muddy Surrey house.

So when I was lucky enough to get down and dirty with Robert Pickavance and Jo Mousley – aka Mr and Mrs Twit – I couldn’t help but hurl a few quick-fire questions at them. And they didn’t disappoint.

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Muddy tries: Bottle Rocket Yoga

27 Mar 2017

Bottle Rocket what? It sounds more like a potent drink designed to leave you feeling more intoxicated than invigorated. But this version of Ashtanga yoga is really a thing. And at Red Hot Yoga in Guilford, yoga students are going mad for this new playful yoga practice. Muddy writer and yoga devotee Zoe Dudgeon tried it out.

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