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Muddy Stilettos first tottered into the world in summer 2011 as a bit of fun for the founder, Hero Brown, in Bucks & Oxon. The idea was a simple one: to write a witty but indispensable guide to the very best restaurants, walks, boutiques, day trips, hotels, interiors and events in the local counties and in doing so, perk up her social life.

Along with Muddy Surrey there are 18 Muddy counties, all with a focus on the quirky, unique, cool and interesting; so no advertorial, no PR guff and a genuine, upbeat honesty. As well as being an indispensable local guide, it’s also a platform for local businesses to get their message across and for us to see what an amazing and creative county we live in.

As editor of the Surrey edition, I spend my days (and some evenings) sassing around Surrey with my ear to the ground to bring you the inside line on what’s happening in our county. I’m a former national journalist (The Telegraph, The Independent, i), born and bred in rural Australia where the countryside is not a million miles from gorgeous Surrey, the county I’ve been lucky enough to call home for 17 years. I live with my husband and our two kids, as well as two cute kitties and the muddy pooch!

I hope you love the blog. Please tell your friends about it, and sign up for my splendiferous free posts delivered to your inbox to be the first to know about all the cool stuff happening in your area!

Or if you want to get in touch call me on 07500 906712 or email [email protected]

Amber xx


This is the Muddy Mantra, so you know what to expect from the blog:


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